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Road Signs - Vector Graphics

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/19/2021
Vector road sign symbol library contains more than 100 vector graphics of road signs and traffic signs. All with high resolution and royalty free. Download Edraw and get all the vector clip arts for free.

Vector Traffic and Road Signs

More than 100 vector traffic and road signs are provided, which are available to zoom in for bigger size and with no clarity loss. You can use them in books, make presentations, insert in blogs or web pages, or export to PDF, PS and EPS format for high quality print.

Triangular Warning Signs

Triangular Road Signs

Red Circle Road Signs

Red Circle Road Signs

Blue Rectangle Road Signs

Blue Rectangle Road Signs

More Road Signs

More Road Signs

Free Download Edraw Software and View All Clip Art

Road Sign Clip Art Applications

Insert in Other Documents

The road signs can be exported as single images and insert in diagrams, word files, PPT presentations, etc.

Insert Road Signs in Word

How to Use Road Sign Graphics

Open Edraw -> Go to Insert tab. -> Click Load Library button. -> Choose Maps -> Choose Road Signs.

Open Road Signs Library

Drag necessary shapes and drop them on the canvas. -> Drag the square handles to resize shapes. When the shape is scaled up, it still remains high clarity.

Scale Up Road Sign

To export a single road sign:

Click Export & Save at File tab and choose a graphic exporting format. From the pop-up window choose "Export Selected Shape", then you can export a single icon to a graphic format file.

Create Custom Road Signs

Different countries or states may have different standards and designs for their own road signs. Using Edraw, you can create personalized road signs to fit for specific needs. We have a set of drawing tools for drawing vector graphics. Click here to learn how to design road signs.

Drawing Tools

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