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Retail Dashboard Examples

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/19/2021
Offering marketing dashboard examples together with editable chart templates that are ready to make custom retail dashboards.

A Retail Dashboard Example

Creating a retail dashboard through dragging and dropping pre-made shapes is just fast and easy. Below is a retail dashboard example created by Edraw. Edraw can be used as an easy dashboard software containing various chart designing abilities, including pie chart, doughnut chart, column chart, line chart, gauges chart, bar chart, spider chart, scatter plot, etc. Through these tools, you can make excellent detail dashboards and marketing dashboards.

Retail Dashboard

Charts Frequently Used in Retail Dashboard

These charts you can find in retail dashboards often. From Edraw you can get rich templates and examples for those charts.

  1. Pie Chart

  2. Column Chart

  3. Gauges Chart

  4. Doughnut Chart

  5. Area Chart

  1. Bar Chart

  2. Scatter Plot

  3. Line Chart

  4. Spider Chart

  5. Comparison Chart

Dashboard Software Chart Templates

Download a free trial and see first-hand how quickly and easily you can create great-looking retail dashboard.

More Retail Dashboard Examples

Marketing Dashboard Template

Marketing Dashboard Template

A marketing dashboard helps you display key metrics to demonstrate the marketing performance. Through Edraw built-in chart templates, making a quality marketing dashboard is easy and fast.

Sales Status Dashboard Template

Sales Status Dashboard Template

This sales status dashboard is designed to provide an in-depth view of the sales statistics and performance to help inform sales decision makings.

Sales Data Dashboard Template

Sales Data Dashboard Template

Edraw has included a sales data dashboard template for free download. Other than the charts you see on this sales data dashboard, their are more charts and graphs templates available in use, such as pie chart, doughnut chart, column chart, scatter plot, etc.

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