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Use Radar Charts for Problem Solving

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/25/2021
Radar charts are visually striking. It is a very useful problem solving solution and can add charm to what would otherwise be a boring data presentation. Make radar charts instantly with automatic diagramming software.

Introduction to Radar Chart

Radar chart is a graphical way to compare data by displaying data in a "web-like" form looking like spider web. So it is also known as spider chart/graph. Usually, it is applied to evaluate multiple alternatives based on multiple criteria. Refer to this link for a comprehensive guide.

Benefits of Using Radar Charts

Benefit 1: They provide a very easy way to see if someone is competent or not.

By overlaying multiple "webs" on a radar chart, you can do visual comparisons against reference data sets very easily. For example, you could compare a student to his classmates by overlaying the average radar chart from the entire class on top of his personal radar chart.

Benefit 2: They are great input in the development of learning plans

Weaknesses or strengths in performance are easy to see on radar charts. When someone is far above or below a standard, you will be able to observe a clear "balloon out" or "cave in" pattern.

This makes it easier for time-crunched advisors to find and address issues when they're working with students. It also makes it easy to identify performers who stand out from the crowd. Those top performers may be able to help others in areas they are particularly good at. What is more, it may highlight trainees who should spend more time in training to catch up with other.

Radar Charts for Problem Solving

Radar charts are widely used in many fields, including education, business or other presentation. Here you can learn how to use a Radar Chart as a problem-solving technique, being especially useful in performance measurement. To solve a problem, sometimes you need to learn or analyze the problem comprehensively, through facts or figures. How can you dig out more useful information from the dry number? Radar chart is a great helper for you to make static data more meaningful and useful. It helps you compare and clarify so that you can see the differences and deficiencies. See how you can solve problems by radar chart through one real case.

Problem Solving Example: Performance Evaluation Radar Chart

Performance Appraisal Spider

For this example, possible analyses might include:

  1. Susan is better in punctuality, communication skills teamwork and meeting deadline.
  2. Calvin's technical knowledge is better than Susan.
  3. The largest difference is found in teamwork.
  4. Susan's performance is better as a whole.
  5. Calvin ought to improve his soft skills to be more competent.

Developing Radar Charts in Six Simple Steps

In Edraw, you can experience a worry-free solution to make radar charts. No need to worry about drawing skill. No need to worry about time limit because you can finish a radar chart in only 3-5 minutes. No need to worry about share for a variety of formats Edraw supports, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint jpg and so on. Follow 6 easy steps to gain your own visually appealing radar chart.

1. Identify the alternatives to be compared.
2. Generate criteria to rate each alternative.
3. Rate each alternative based on criteria.
4. Select a suitable template and set relevant appearance options. Set and label the axis arms of the chart (one arm for each criterion).
5. Label each alternative's ratings on the chart. When you enter the data, the shape changes automatically.
6. Add some final touches such as background or clipart to beatify it.

As you can see from the guide, no drawing is required throughout the whole process. Even novice users can handle it fast and easily. For more information, refer to Create a Spider Chart

Tips for Developing Radar Chart

  1. No more than 15 alternatives should be compared in radar charts or it will looks cramped.
  2. When rating, you had better use at least three criteria, more may be helpful, but more than seven may be too complex.
  3. It is helpful to standardize ratings to some uniform scale (for example 0-10, or 0-100%).
  4. Using different colors or markers to distinguish each alternative is best.


  1. Radar Charts are very useful for visually comparing a few alternatives.
  2. Edraw provides a quick and easy way to create a Radar Chart.
  3. Just use Radar Chart to solve problems more effectively.

To get detailed help, please go to this link: how to edit spider charts.

You can also get things done quickly by leveraging the spider chart templates.

More tools for Problem Solving

There are a lot more tools that can facilitate problem solving, such as cause and effect analysis, reframing matrix and mind map. You can also learn from Franklin about better decision making.

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