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Unmissable Quality Management Solutions

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/25/2021
Quality management is crucial for organizations' performance improvement. Edraw is oriented to ease this process. It offers many unmissable visualization solutions, working magic on your job.

Quality Management Principles

To enhance quality management, these principles should be followed.

Principle 1 - Customer Focus

Organizations depend on customers to survive and therefore should understand their needs, meet their demands and exceed their expectations. Only in this way can organizations increase revenue.

Principle 2 - Leadership

Leadership is essential for effective communication and collaboration between staff as well as motivation towards company goals.

Principle 3 - Engagement of People

Motivated, committed and engaged people are the most important resources of enterprises.

Principle 4 - Process Approach to Management

An ideal achievement is obtained more effectively when projects and related resources are managed as a process. It will lead to lower cost and higher efficiency.

Principle 5 - Constant Improvement

No improvement means lagging behind in this supercompetitive business world.

Principle 6 - Practical Approach to Decision Making

Effective decisions are based on comprehensive analysis of statistics and other information.

Principle 7 - Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships

Mutual beneficial relationship facilitates optimization of cost and resources. A corporation without support will be really hard to survive long.

Principles are like guiding stars. After you are clear about the directions, start to hit the road. Apply Edraw to smooth your journey of quality management.

Quality Management - House of Quality

The House of Quality Matrix is the most recognized and widely used form to capture a number of issues that are vital to planning process. The product requirements are compared with customer requirements in a central matrix. Its general format is made up of six major elements. These include customer requirements, technical requirements, a planning matrix, an interrelationship matrix, a technical correlation matrix, and a technical priorities/benchmarks and targets section. Use the following template to make your own HOQ.

HOQ examples

Quality Management - Comparison Chart

Comparison helps people find out advantages and disadvantages. Making the most of advantages and remedying defects continually will reap better results. Click on the following pictures to download vector editable version of comparison charts. You can also find many more examples from the Example Gallery on the right.

Quality Management - Charts and Graphs

Just as the principle of "Practical Approach to Decision Making" indicates, more in-depth information will lead to more informed decisions. Edraw can cover almost every aspect of charts and graphs creation. Your data analysis can be presented in a dynamic and easy to understand way.

Choose Right Chart Type

Quality Management - Flowcharts

Flowchart is one of the best process management approaches. Presenting all steps, dividing them in different parts, connecting them and showing their directions all become super easy with Edraw's enhanced features.


In addition, you can also use other Edraw visuals including mind maps, Venn diagrams and SWOT matrix to improve your quality management. Try it for free.

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