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Posted by James Freeman | 01/08/2021
Easily read this article for how to set up project basic information with Edraw Project. Find out more necessary functions for creating Gantt chart to manage your projects.

Start a Project

You have two options to start a Gantt chart:
Option A: Click the button of File tab, and then click New to start from a blank chart.

Option B: Click the New icon in the Quick Access Tool Bar to start your project.

Project Setup

Once a new project is created, the priority is to set the project options, such as the start and end date, date format, working days, etc.

1. Click the Option button project option button on the Home tab to open the Edraw Project Options window.

edraw project options window

2. Define the following project options on the dialog to schedule your project.

Report Title Color

It refers to the color of a report title that displayed on Reports tab. The predefined color is orange.
report title color 
You can customize the color in the Select Color window.

select color

Auto Progress

After a task begins, you can track the task progress with a progress bar showing the completion percentage upon the task bar. Usually you can record the completion percentage manually using the mouse. If the Auto Progress option is checked, the progress bar will be updated automatically each day.

Date Format

This option determines the format of date in your project.
Click the small triangle button and drag the scroll bar to select the date format you prefer.

select date format

Major/Minor Unit

It refers to the major and minor time units displayed in the right pane. The predefined Major Unit is Week, and Minor Unit is Day.

 major and minor unit

Click the small triangle button and drag the scroll bar to select the format you prefer for Major Unit and Minor Unit.

select major and minor unit

Set Workday

Check the corresponding square to set workdays, and the unchecked ones are weekly rests.

set workday

Set Workday Start/Finish Time

Type the certain time or click the up & down triangle buttons to adjust the start and finish time of a workday. The default Start Time of a workday is 8:00, and the Finish Time is 16:00.

set workday start and finish time

Name a Project

To name a project, you can go to the right sidebar and click Project button, and enter a project name in the Name option.
name a project.

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