Gantt Charts for Production Planning

How to draw a production planning Gantt chart and present the procedure visually? Refer to this page to learn production planning with visual and interactive Gantt charts.

What Is Production Planning?

With the development of science and technology, production planning is used in almost industries around us, such as agriculture, clothing and cosmetics etc. Production planning involves not only planning of production but also of manufacturing modules in an enterprise. By making use of resource allocation including work of employees, materials, manufacturing equipment and production capacity, production planning serves different consumers in different industrial fields.

Production planning determines and arranges facilities and activities needed for the future production. A production plan is made periodically for a specific time period, it can comprise the following activities:

Productioning planning onjectives

Why Use Gantt Chart for Production Planning?

In the process of production planning, the planner needs to fix the production goals and to estimate the resources which are required to achieve these goals. A Gantt chart visualizes the production planning by listing the tasks in a breakdown structure on the left and the progress bar and time span on the right. Its drag-and-drop functionality provides a far more dynamic range of planning and real-time impact on tasks. Common benefits of applying Gantt charts to production planning are as below:

Manufacturing Process Gantt Chart

How to Create Gantt Chart for Production Planning

Preparations to Improve Efficiency of Production Planning

In order to develop production plans, the production planner or production planning department needs to work closely together with the marketing department and sales department. They can provide sales forecasts, or a listing of customer orders. The following preparations are necessary to improve efficiency of production planning:

  1. Identify the detailed procedures of a product's manufacturing process.
  2. Estimate available resources for the production capacity.
  3. Set standard work sequence with a plan for every part.
  4. Eliminate design waste through value analysis and real-time communication.
  5. Improve functionality and performance of manufacturing machines.
  6. Train relevant workers to get familiar with the manufacturing process and equipment.

Choose a Professional Gantt Chart Software

Applying Edraw Gantt chart software to production planning prepares a detailed plan for achieving the production goals economically, efficiently and in time. Horizontal axis bars representing timelines, duration, start-end date, and the completion times of tasks that are involved. The Reports options of Edraw Project allows the product planner to generate reports on the production from different perspectives, analyze, visualize and share important information with stakeholders. It gives an overall picture of production palnning work breakdown and task reporting relationships, so that the planner could gain insight for budget planning and work resources allocation.

Gantt chart software

Edraw Project for Windows Mac Version Linux Version

Gantt Chart Examples

To help you understand how Gantt charts benefits production planning, here are some gantt chart examples made by Edraw Project. You may get inspirations in production planning from these examples. Click on the picture or the text below to download and customize the example for free.

Develop New Software Gantt Chart Launch New Product Gantt Chart Plan a Show Gantt Chart Interior Design Project Process Gantt Chart
Develop New Software Gantt Chart Launch New Product Gantt Chart Plan a Show Gantt Chart Interior Design Gantt Chart


From what has been described above, you may have a basic understanding of what production planning is, the advantages of using Gantt charts for production planning, and how to create Gantt charts for production planning. If you hope to deliver your production plan with planned efficiency and coordinating work resources, using Gantt charts would be a nice try!

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