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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/25/2021
In mind map, you can easily add a professional touch to fit all these needs and make it look professional, polished, and ready to share.

If mind maps only show relationships between simple topics, you can convey more information by linking topics to other documents or web pages and showing details of topics on a separate page. By moving some topics to another page, you can shift the focus of your audience from the overall diagram to the details of your topics. You can also assign a mind map icon to topics that gives information in a graphical, easily understood way and look like more professional.

Change the Mind Map Connection Style

You can set the style of your connectors to Straight Line, Arc, Curved, Elbow or Rounded-Angle Line; each conveys a different tone. A straight connector is best to show a rigid, structured, technical, or formal diagram. An Embed connector is best to show an organization. A curved, arc or rounded-angle Line connection works best for a diagram that is informal or non-technical.

Change the Mind Map connection style

To change the connection style

On the Mind Map Menu, click Connection Style.

Under the pop up menu, click Line, Curved, Arc, Elbow or Round.

Add Symbols to a Topic

A mind map symbol is a small image that gives information about a topic in a graphical, easily understood way. You can assign an icon to multiple topics, and each topic can have more than one icon. The mind map symbols are stored in the Edraw mind map symbol library.

Select a topic that you want to assign the icon to.

Drag one symbol from the Mind Map Symbols library into a topic.

Add Symbols to a Topic

When the yellow guide box is around the selected topic, release the mouse.

All symbols in Edraw software are vector and for high-quality print. Some symbols have been added the smart action. You can change the symbol's appearance by the action button.

mind map symbol action

Move Topics to Another Page

Your mind map might be large and complex, and extend beyond the boundaries of your drawing page. You can make your diagram easier to work with and be shared by moving some of the content to a separate page.

To move a topic with its subtopics to another page:

Select the topic you want to move, and then click Cut button (Ctrl + X) in the File group on the Home menu, .

Note: If the topic has subtopics, you don't need to select them individually. All subtopics also move with the topic.

Create a page or go to the special page, click the Paste button (Ctrl + V).

The topics will stay on the new drawing page as the floating topics.

Create Links Between Topics

You can add a topic on the original drawing page with an hyperlink tag to indicate that the topic and its subtopics appear on another page. A hyperlink is added to the topic on both pages so you can move back and forth between pages in the mind map.

Select the topic to add a hyperlink

On the Insert menu, click Hyperlinks. Or right click the topic then click the Hyperlink... in the context menu.

link to topic

In the Type list, choose the Current Document.

To link to a specific page, select the page name in the Page box.

To link to a specific topic, first select the page name on which the shape appears in the Page box, and then choose the name of the topic in the Shape box.

To specify a zoom level, type a percentage in the Zoom box, or click the arrow to select a zoom level.

In the Description box, type a name for the link. This text will appear in the right click menu.

To add another hyperlink to the page or selected shape, click New, and then repeat these steps.

Click OK.

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