Use Mind Map to Accelerate Problem Solving

Whenever you come across a problem, mind maps help you understand all the related issues and how they relate to each other visually.

Problem Solving with Mind Map

Through mind maps, you can find out the solutions for problems faster. They also help others quickly get an overview of how you see different respects of the situation. When seeking others' suggestions, you can add annotations into the map easily by clicking and typing directly.

There are many methods to deal with a problem but a popular method is the 5W + 1H outline. There are a list of questions that you need to answer when solving a problem:

  1. Who
  2. What
  3. Where
  4. When
  5. Why
  6. How

Firstly, place your problem in the center as your core idea. Then, have each branch represent each of the above questions. Thirdly, try to answer each question separately. When you are going through this process, you are actually having a deep and detailed analysis of as many relevant issues as possible. As you go through them, you may find a solution suddenly.

Problem Solving Mind Map Example

We can divide the process of problem solving into 6 steps as shown in the following example.

Problem Solving

Besides problem solving, mind maps can be applied in many aspects. For example, mind map can facilitate class deliver. See some mind maps for teachers. We have also prepared some mind maps for marketers.

More Problem Solving Tools

Here are more visual tools that can aid your problem solving. They offer you new thinking ways to analyze a problem. Some present useful approaches.

Problem Solving Circular
Service Problem Ishikawa Diagram
Problem Solving Mind Map

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