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How to Print a Document

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/26/2021
Use this page to learn how to print a doucment with Edraw Max. Click Page Setup on the File menu. Click Print Setup tab in the Page Setup dialog.


Click the File menu button File menu button, and then click Print to set the print options.

Print options

Paper Size

Shown in the list are the paper sizes supported by the current printer as well as industry standard sizes. You can select Same as printer paper size on the Page Size tab to make changes to the paper size also apply to the drawing page size.

Drawing page: The page in a drawing window that contains a drawing. A page can be either a foreground or a background page. Each page has a size, which usually corresponds to a standard paper size, and it has a scale.

Paper Orientation

Specifies the paper orientation as portrait or landscape.


Click More Print Setup to open the Print Setup dialog box, where you can select printing options such as the margins, centering, printer, and paper source. See if a drawing page and printer paper work together the way you want.

print setup


Changes you make to options on this tab apply to the current page only.

Adjust to

Reduces or enlarges the drawing page to a specified percentage of actual size for printing only. If the drawing page is larger than one paper size, the diagram will be printed onto more papers.

Fit to (sheets across by sheets down)

Fits each drawing in the print job on the specified number of sheets across and down. Depending on the number of pages and the margins you specify, the drawing is enlarged or reduced. If the pages across and down are not proportional to the drawing's dimensions, only those sheets needed to maintain the drawing's proportions are used.


Displays a thumbnail of how the printer paper and drawing page are currently set to work together. You can exactly match the printer paper and drawing page.

Printer Paper

Lists the current printer paper settings, including paper size and paper orientation.

Drawing Page

Lists the current drawing page settings, including page size and page orientation. You can change these options on the Page Size tab.

Print Zoom

Lists any reduction or enlargement that you specify. Change this setting under Print zoom (all pages).

This option only affects your printout; your actual drawing size is unchanged. Note that when you reduce or enlarge a scaled drawing, you cannot use the printout to measure real-world objects accurately.

Print Preview

(Ctrl +P)

Click the File menu, and then click Print.


If you aren't satisfied with the result, you can change the print options in the Print Setup dialog.

Preview different page by clicking the arrows below the preview window.

Print bottom bar

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