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Use Pre-drawn Symbols for Faster Diagrams

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/26/2021
Use pre-drawn built-in symbols to draw diagrams in easy-to-use software fast without sacrificing accuracy and beauty. Produce over 200 kinds of infographics with 8000+ predefined symbols.

No matter who you are, whatever your role is, you can benefit from visualization to some extent. What is more, you can create highly artistic diagrams even as a novice. Just rely on Edraw's pre-drawn symbols and its advanced features to get infographics faster and faster, without sacrificing accuracy and beauty. Actually, users of all abilities can gain professional and nice-looking diagrams in minutes aided by these vector symbols.

Edraw has more than 8,000 images designed to make diagram, and myriad helpful tools necessary to quickly and easily create attractive infographics.

Major Types of Symbols Available

Currently, there are over 200 kinds of pre-drawn symbols available, which keep increasing every day. The most commonly used types include flowchart symbols, org chart symbols, mind map symbols and charts and graphs symbols. Click corresponding link to see more details. These symbols are all smart vector shapes that have been designed with auto generation functions.

Connect Arrows

1. Move the pointer over a basic flowchart shape. Its blue AutoConnect Arrows show.
2. Click the blue Arrow that points toward where you want to add another shape. These two shapes are connected automatically

Click Floating Button

1. Select a mind map symbol.
2. Click the floating button to add a new symbol at the next level.

Select an org chart shape, then you can click the quick button to add subordinate or colleague fast.

Create Organization Relationships

Besides, some 3D shapes are also readily available, such as 3D directional map symbols and 3D block symbols.

Free Download Diagram Software with All Symbols

Features of Edraw's Symbols

Readily Available

The symbols are already placed in built-in libraries next to the canvas. Using them requires drag and drop or copy/paste only. No download and drawing is needed.

drag and drop clip art

Easily Editable

Some shapes are designed with floating button or/and control points. Editing becomes super easy with such a point-and-click editor.

Add or Delete Level

 />Variation of 3D Box

Flexibly Scalable

The symbols are in vector format. You are able to scale between 10% and 400% without loss of the display resolution. No blurred images anymore.

zoom in clip art

Color Changeable

You are able to freely change filling colors and lines to fit your slide theme.

It's easy to change the color scheme for these symbols either through the color bar or themes, at 1 click. Every symbol was drawn with Edraw Software. So you can also choose the sub-element in the symbols to recolor it.

clipart software


You are able to pull out drawing components to create your own illustrations.

separate clip art

Drawing Software with Built-in Pre-drawn Symbols

Charting Software

Can you imagine to get 8,000+ images in only 1 program? Edraw's service aims at not only quantity but also quality and convenience. All of the hundreds of sorts of pictures are embedded in the diagramming package, in separate categories for convenient search and use. These symbols are divided into different shape libraries located next to the canvas, allowing drag-and-drop use.

Create Your Own Symbols

Edraw team is constantly expanding its libraries of symbols, but it's impossible for them to include all symbols for everything you might need to show in a diagram. That might be countless. If you can't find a symbol you need, you can draw it yourself right in the software or import one image and save it as a "custom symbol". Once saved, you can select and place that symbol in all of your future diagrams, the same way that you add any of the program's pre-drawn symbols. Refer to Video Tutorial - Create a Library from Local Images for a detailed guide.

create symbol

You can create your own library by importing images.

The first step to create your own symbol is to draw the object using the program's pen or pencil tool. See how to do it in Drawing with the Pencil Tool. To see your custom symbols, click its title. From there you can select any of the symbols you created with the program wizard and drag them in your diagram. You can use any of the tools for placing pre-drawn symbols, changing color, rotation and scale.

Diagram Examples Made with Predefined Symbols

Edraw's diagram templates and examples display wonderful blend of artistic skill, color and imaging. All are presentation quality and drawn with the vector editable symbols. Here are just a few of the excellent diagrams created by Edraw. Click the thumbnail image to go to download link.

Personality Mind Map Highlight Flowchart Wedding Cost Column Chart
Healthy Diet Psychological Types Diagram China Growth Map

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