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Fun and Easy Way to Design Posters Using Templates

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/20/2021
Wondering how to design posters. This article provides advice to help you create stunning posters with Poster Design Software as well as five poster design tips on how to design awesome posters better.

Posters are a great visual aid.They’re creative, bold, fashionable and can provoke emotions too. Some posters such as music or event posters get you thrilled and pumped up . And then others are informative, they've contained everything you need. The key point is to maintain balance with headline, copy, images and logos. When you’ve done that, you’ve got one successful poster whether it was for self-promotion or a client. In this guide, you will learn some usefull tips for poster design and how to design a successful poster.

Five Tips for Perfect Poster Design

One: find a good idea.

A good poster is about a clever idea that’s skinned with a great aesthetic.

Two: make it visually appealing and easy-to-read.

Headline: is the main text element in the design.  Keep it short and concise. Opt for a readable typeface that is interesting and demands attention.

Details: please ensure that only essential details added on a poster. They should support your poster’s main objective without blurring its central message. What, when, where? Answer these questions in the second level of text.

Three: have fun.

Poster design is a place where designers can have a lot of funr, this is an area where you can break the rules and go a little crazy with design.

Four: use helpful images.

Use limited space on your poster wisely. If you’re going to use images, they should be figures, diagrams, graphics, or tables that help illustrate your ideas.

Four: make them a good size.

To make graphics to be easily read from a distance of at least 5 feet. Please make sure photos and text displayed at a consistent size.

How to Design Posters at Your Fingertips

Poster Design Software

This poweful and printable drag-and-drop Poster Design Software should be what you need to design, customize and print your own stunning poster without graphic poster design skills.

  • Rich Editable Vector Poster Icons. There are more than 10000 free vector icons listed in different groups such as maps, festival, science, fashion, music, sports, technology, etc. You can change their colors, dimensions, directions even grouping or ungrouping.
  • New Poster Symbols Design Supported. Easy-to-use drawing tools such as pencil tool, pen tool are capable of designing gorgeous poster elements as you desire.
  • Well-designed Poster Templates & Examples. Make you draw posters within minutes.
  • Enable You to Insert and trim local pictures to A Special Shape. With the help of cropping tools in this software, you can crop and delete needless parts of pictures effortlessly.

Step 1. Open a poster drawing page.

Launch this Poster Design Software, navigate to File menu > New > double click Poster to open a blank poster drawing page or select a pre-made poster examples.

Free Poster Design Templates

2. Add images and text for your poster design.

To add images: you can search, drag and drop shapes from left library of professional graphic design elements such as festival, science, fashion, music, sports, technology and more to the drawing page, or insert your local photos via hitting "Insert" > "Insert Pictures from File".

Drag and Drop poster design Symbols

Tips: you are able to crop a picture to a certain shape. Using the cropping tools to trim and remove unwanted parts of pictures such as the background.

crop picture for poster designcrop picture for poster design

To add text contents: click Home tab >Text > Text Block Tool, and then type your contents. You can also press A on the right panel of this software to customize the text font, size, color and alignment.

3. Save and share the completed poster.

Hit Export & Send > Graphics under File to export the designed poster as images format.

save and share designed poster

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