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P&ID Drawing Tips

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Posted by Janice | 04/20/2021
Some tips offered here can help drafters gain better P&IDs.

Tip 1 Prepare Well

Well-prepared is half done. Study the entire drawing before starting to draw. Make a list of questions about anything related to the diagram. With everything well-prepared, designers can draw P&IDs with less interruption and smoother thinking.

Tip 2 Have Necessary Materials at Hand

Always keep the project's current Symbol and Legend near for easy reference. With Edraw, you don't need to worry about this. The symbol and legend are predefined and built in the software. You just need to drag them on the canvas. Have a copy of the materials needed at hand and follow standard symbols when marking up the drawings. Be consistent. Different designers prefer different styles. Some designers leave out vital symbology to keep simplicity while others are detail-oriented. But if it is obvious that more should be shown, then show it.

Tip 3 Make Text Easy to Read

All shapes of Edraw are designed with text boxes, eliminating some hassles of adding, adjusting and moving text box. Text style in P&IDs should be Simplex font. Text should be larger than 1/8" in a drawing unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, readers will feel hard to read the drawing. Besides, text must be of adequate size to produce legible reproductions of reduced size prints of drawings.

All text must be inserted where it does not appear to be upside down or at an angle. Use Text Block Tool (on home menu; under Text) to adjust text orientation. When reading a diagram vertically or horizontal, all text must be able to be read without turning head.

Tip 4 Ensure Accuracy

Newly minted drafters frequently focus on speed but overlook accuracy. Actually, employers would much prefer that drafters slow down a little and concentrate more of their efforts on accuracy. Sometimes, details determine success or failure. Spelling check can be carried out automatically by Edraw. Just Press F7 key.

A designer who thoughtfully picks up red marks and self back checks each drawing, before turning in the finished product, will faster gain the respect and trust of experienced drafters and designers, over one who always strive for the best.

Accuracy will actually help designers gain increased efficiency in the long run because costly rework will be avoided. Motto for designers - Get it right the first time.

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