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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/07/2021
Pre-drawn photo organizational chart symbols represent manager with photo, position with photo, left photo box, middle photo, etc. These symbols help create accurate diagrams and documentation.

Edraw organizational chart includes plenty of photo shapes, manager with photo, position with photo, left photo box, middle photo, and information card. With these special photo shapes, your organizational chart will look more interesting and attractive.

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Photo Organizational Chart Symbols

Photo Organizational Chart Shapes

Photo Organizational Chart Symbols

Information card is a kind card which records your personal information.

Photo Organizational Chart Symbols 2

Header is a unit of information that precedes a data object. It is a shot or pass made with the head.

Footer is a person or thing of a specified number of feet in length or height.

Border is the edge or boundary of something, or the part near it.

Photo Organizational Chart Symbols 3

Position card is a card designed for recording a position.

3D card is a card that appears to be three-dimensional as it is moved.

Fixed card is a kind of card that can not be adjusted or changed.

How to Use Photo Shapes

Open Photo Organizational Shapes Library

Do the followings to open and use this group of symbols.

  • Open Edraw.
  • Choose Organizational Chart category under Available Templates.
  • Double click the icon of Photo Organizational in the Templates window.
  • Three groups of shapes open along with Photo Shapes and a blank canvas, titled as Backgrounds, Borders and Card Shapes. If you don't need them, click the Close button to the right of each title.
  • Photo Organizational Chart Library

    If you are drawing other kinds of diagrams and don't want to restart Edraw, you can open Photo shapes in another way.

  • Click Libraries button on the top left corner of library panel.
  • Scroll down to rest the cursor over the title: Organizational Chart to show its drop down menu.
  • Click Photo Shapes.
  • Adjust Photo Shapes

  • Drag the shape needed onto the canvas. The shape is selected by default with a dashed line surrounding the shape with green selection handles.
  • Drag the handles at corner to adjust size while remaining the same aspect ratio. The handle dragged turns orange.
  • Drag the left and right handles to change width.
  • Drag the top and bottom handles to change height.
  • Selected Photo Organizational Chart Symbol

  • Click the top right floating action button to hide or replace photo.
  • Click the bottom action button to add subordinates.
  • Selected Photo Organizational Chart Symbol

    Need fresh looking photo organizational chart symbols for your design? These photo organizational chart symbols are a cinch to pop in. And their crisp, fine detail will make spectacular, easy-to-understand diagrams and presentations to your customers.

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