Select paths, segments, and anchor points

An easy user guide on selecting paths, segments, and anchor points.

Select anchor points

Select path segments

Select all anchor points and segments in a path

Before you can reshape or edit a path, you need to select the path's anchor points, segments, or the combination of both.

Select anchor points

  1. If you can see the points, you can click them with the Direct Selection Tool to select them. Hold Ctrl down to select multiple points.

  2. If you can see the points, select the Direct Selection Tool and drag a boundary around the anchor points. If not, please select the shape first.

  3. If one anchor point has been selected, using Direct Selection Tool to click it to unselect the anchor point.

Select path segments

  1. Select the shapes first, using Direction Selection Tool to click on the segment you want to select. Then the end points of the segment will be selected, this means the segment has been selected.

Select all anchor points and segments in a path

  1. Select the Direct Selection tool .

  2. Drag around the entire path.

Notes: The path must be selected firstly.

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