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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/08/2021
Importing files is a powerful and efficient way to take bulk data in other file format (such as Excel) and convert them into captivating, easy to understand org charts. OrgCharting can import files in .txt, .cvs, .xls, .xlsx and .sql formats.

To open the Import Wizard, go to the Data tab and select Import Wizard.


  • The data you intend to import must have correct reporting relationships for the import to succeed.
  • Until the final (Finish) screen, you can move back and forth through the wizard to change your choices before you commit to the final import.

To import a data file, launch the wizard and proceed through the following screens.

1. Select Source File

This screen is used to choose which file to import (see below).

This screen is the first step for all supporting formats. To complete this page, choose one of the following options:

  • Click the Browse button. The Open menu will appear.
  • Next - proceed to the next Import Wizard screen.
  • Cancel - close the Import Wizard without saving and return to the main work area.
  • Get help from “How to create an organizational chart from data...”.

When you click Browse, there will be 5 sample data source which you can use as demos. If you don’t need the samples, simply go and navigate your own data files.

2. Modify Data and Define "Name" and "ReportTo"

During this step, you need to select the Name column and ReportTo column correctly, so that the chart could be built in the right hierarchy.

3. Set Data Field and Display Options

Display on box determines what data field will be shown in each box of the org chart. OrgCharting shows Name, Title and Department by default. You can choose to show more data by clicking the check boxes.

Click Finish to complete the wizard and return to the main work area.

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