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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/07/2021
Once you have created slides, you can edit them, display them in a slide show, print, or export these slides to Microsoft Power Point.

Edit Slide Content

You can change how branches are displayed (expanded or collapsed) on the slide, or edit topic texts using the normal editing commands.


The underlying map will be changed when you have edited topic text, added or removed topics, or changed topic formatting. All these changes are also shown on slides that contain the edited topics.

Rename Slides

Options of renaming a slide page are as follow:

  1. Select a slide page from the Slide Preview panel, click Rename button Renamme button on Slideshow tab or Slide Preview panel and type your preferred name.
  2. Double click the slide page name and edit the name directly.
  3. Rename a slide
  4. Right click a slide in the Slide Preview panel and click Rename in the context menu, you will see its current name turn blue so that you can type your preferred name.

Reorder Slides

Right-click on a slide preview thumbnail, and click Move Up or Move Down

Reorder slides

Delete Slides

You can choose to create slides manually or automatically with one click:

To delete a slide, options are:

  • Right click the slide in the Slide Preview panel and click Remove the Current Slide Page in the context menu.
  • Click the slide in Slide Preview and click Remove Current button Remove current slide.

To remove all pages from the map, options are:

  • Click Remove All button Remove all slides.
  • Right click the slide in the Slide Preview panel and click Remove All Slide Pages in the context menu.

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