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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/07/2021
Each box contains visible data and hidden data in different view. This page explains how to display and edit data of a box.

Display and Edit Data of a Box

  1. Select a box and go to Right Side Bar, then click Data icon . The menu displays the visible box data and hidden box data as in an example below.
  2. Display hiden data in a box of org chart

  3. Double click the data you want to edit and type in the correct information.
  4. Edit data
    Edit data in org charts

Search Data

To search a box that contains specific data, you can use Search option.

  1. Go to the Right Side Bar. Click Search icon to open the search menu.
  2. Choose your search field and the appropriate search command, and type the key words.
  3. Click the search button on the right to get the results.

For example, I search for “Employee whose name contains letter m “with the following underlined commands.

Search options in OrgCharting

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