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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 01/07/2021
OrgCharting provides the latest dynamic project creation through Data Synchronization.

This tool can be used to update an org chart's information in almost real time. You can constantly update your org chart by linking it to a database containing your latest information. To enable Data Synchronization function, the information must first be imported from an external database file.

After you've created an org chart with the imported, you can use Data Synchronization under Data tab.

Data synchronization

Resync Data Only

( Shift + R)

Resynchronize data of existing org chart. This option synchronizes data on boxes only. It won't change the relationship nor add or delete boxs.

Resync Entire Chart

( Ctrl + Shift + R)

Resync Entire Chart gets the whole chart rebuilt according to the updated data source, including both data and the relationship.

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