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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/07/2021
Various organization chart templates in diversified styles, vertical and horizontal, without photo and with photo... You are sure to find a suitable one. All are available for free download, editing and print.

Overview of Organization Chart

Organization chart is also called organigram. It is one of the best ways to visualize the structure of an organization in terms of relationships among personnel or departments and is the most intuitive way to understand your workforce. With electronic organizational charts, human resources information can be accessible throughout the organization with a unified, visual view of critical data. And organization chart makes employees relationship more harmonious, helping them know each other better.

Organization Chart Templates

Various organization chart templates are ready-to-use. Only a few of them are listed below. You are sure to find a suitable one. All are available for free download, modification and print.

Hierarchical Org Chart

This is a horizontal org chart showing the structure of workforce from left to right. The organization's branches, holding companies, and shares can also be presented. As you can see, all shapes are perfectly aligned and distributed, which can be achieved easily in Edraw.

Trade Enterprise Org Chart

This template is a typical organigram for trade enterprise, showing its structure in vertical layout. This kind of layout can save more room and require smaller paper when printing. All departments or divisions of the corporation are demonstrated in an organized and clear way. Readers can learn their relationship at a glance.

Matrix Org Chart

The amazing point of the left template is that shapes are divided into 3 groups: the project leaders, core team and support team. Positions of different levels are also distinguished by varied colors. Learn more about organizational charts from the right hyperlinks.

Custom Organizational Chart

Here comes a custom org chart template, with creative layout consists of unique shapes. If you have innovative ideas about organization structure visualization but don't know how to show them, let Edraw team help you. You can also learn how to make it right now from the Organizational Chart Tutorial.

Photo Organizational Chart Template

Photo organizational chart is a big benefit for managers. They may be too busy to meet everyone face to face. But this visualization can include every clerk's name, title and photo in a single diagram. This allows managers "meet and know" staff in a quick and easy way. You can also view more Organization Chart Examples.

Features of Org Chart Templates

Edraw's org chart templates are featured by best quality, largest quantity, highest flexibility and consistent professionalism. You can download and customize these templates easily to:

  1. Visualize your organization
  2. Bring your presentation to life
  3. Get your point across
  4. Improve your staff's rapport
  5. Facilitate human resources management

Another amazing feature of these templates is that they have auto relayout function that can rearrange the whole chart automatically. After you finish your modifications, click Relayout.

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