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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/07/2021
Software-aided organization chart creation can overcome many limitations of manually drawn ones. With the auto generation function, a large amount of time and resources can be saved.

Traditionally, organization charts are created manually. With the advent of Office's Smartart, it becomes a lot easier to do this job. But Smartart still has many limitations. A more advanced tool is necessary to meet more requirements of organization chart creation. Here is a comparison between these works made by hands and software.

Update of Organization Chart

The first advantage of auto generation by software over handmade result is easy to update. If made manually, organization charts can very quickly become out-of-date, especially in large enterprises that change their staff regularly. Sometimes, even one change may require a whole new drawing. Advanced software like Edraw can support very easy updates. After adding or deleting shapes, one click on relayout will rearrange everything perfectly. The attached action buttons allow almost freewill reposition of shapes.

Time and Effort Consumption

Manual creation needs to draw every box and every connector, requiring a large amount of time and effort. If you use organization chart software like Edraw, you just need to drag the first shape out and the left parts can all be generated automatically.

Professional Skills

As for manual drawing, some skills are required for professional results. Contrarily, Edraw can help users of any level, even beginners to gain presentation-quality diagrams.

Complexity of Organization Chart

In terms of complexity, only simple structures can be generated by hand or even Smart art while Edraw can produce very complicated hierarchy including even customizable charts of various styles.


Talking about flexibility, handmade organigrams are inflexible. Modification is hard to carry out. Differently, Edraw supports relayout anytime while remaining well-organized structure.


One more important point is inclusiveness. The contents on one piece of paper are always limited. However, one electronic organization chart in a single page can be extended to limitless contents by adding notes, attachments or hyperlinks.

Include Contact information in Organization Chart


From the perspective if visualization, electronic files surely surpass hand drawn documents. In Edraw, headshot can be inserted easily. It will be an arduous undertaking to draw every staff's portrait for a large company's organization chart.

Organizational Chart Creator

Difference Indication

Strength of electronic org char is that the importance of the position may be indicated both with a change in size of the shape in addition to its vertical placement on the chart. It is relatively more difficult for manual operation to achieve this purpose.

Organizational Chart Creator

Facility Requirement

Of course, hand drawing still win one point in that it is not confined to facility, only a piece of paper and one pen will be enough. Some software require a higher operating system and cost a lot of money. Edraw is affordable to most people and free updates for a lifetime are available.

To conclude, when more professional, complicated or photo organization charts are needed and when time is limited, Edraw is a far more effective tool.

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Examples of Organizational Chart

Custom Organizational Chart

Here comes a custom org chart template, with creative layout consists of unique shapes. If you have innovative ideas about organization structure visualization but don't know how to show them, let Edraw team help you. You can also learn how to make it right now from the Organizational Chart Tutorial.

Photo Organizational Chart Template

Photo organizational chart is a big benefit for managers. They may be too busy to meet everyone face to face. But this visualization can include every clerk's name, title and photo in a single diagram. This allows managers "meet and know" staff in a quick and easy way. You can also view more Organization Chart Examples.


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