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An All-in-one Office & Building Planning Software

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Posted by Janice | 04/21/2021
An all-in -one program satisfying all your floor plan design needs. Use this powerful yet easy to operate software - Edraw Max, to visualize floor layouts as quickly as your ideas come to you.

Edraw can be used to:

  • design neat and comfortable workplace environment
  • arrange facilities in appropriate place
  • create relaxing and appetizing restaurant
  • build characteristic and attractive store
  • plan beautiful landscape
  • work out emergency plans effectively
  • lay out classroom as needed
  • and much more
  • Additional benefits of neat and comfortable workplaces are that they are generally easier and safer to work in, which will help staff focus on work. Workers who can effectively FOCUS are 57% more able to COOPERTATE, 88% more able to LEARN, and 42% more able to SOCIALIZE in their workplace than those who are unable to focus. Edraw will help you easily handle your office layout in minutes to increase staff morale and productivity levels.

    Office Layout Sample

    Check out complete office layout guide to get more details.

    If you own a large factory, placing facilities in an appropriate location is important. Trying to locate them physically before finding out its best lay out will be time-consuming. You may have to move them again and again. Edraw can help you lay them out virtually in visual diagrams to find out the best place for each facility. You can drag to move the shapes symbolizing real objects in the diagram freely.

    Edraw can surely benefit restaurant owner-to-be. We clearly understand that dining environment is one key factor valued by customers. Before they taste the food, they see your restaurant appearance. So it has got to be relaxing and appetizing. Edraw helps you to find out the best location and most suitable layout for your restaurant.

    In this hypercompetitive business world, you must seek as many methods as possible to stand out from the crowd. Design a characteristic store like no other with Edraw.

    If you are an official responsible for designing public landscape, you can benefit a lot from Edraw. It has included many lifelike symbols like flowers, stones and pavilions and so forth. A few drags and drops in a few minutes can finish a beautiful garden looking like hours spent.

    Garden Floor Plan Template

    An emergency plan is about saving life in the case of accident. Every detail must be taken into account carefully. When designing this kind of plan, Edraw can zoom in and out the graph as you like while keeping high clarity. It can also show dimensions, rulers as well as gridlines to ensure accuracy. In this way, you can both see overall layout and focus on details.

    Hospital Emergency Plan Examples School Emergency Plan Examples

    In a classroom, designers need to consider how many desks to place, where to put them and what is the appropriate distance between them. These require special imagination ability which is hard for some people. Edraw eases these work by visualizing all things in a single graph. If a certain layout is not suitable, you can make amendments quickly. Even the action of opening door can be visualized.

    Edraw can also facilitate public restroom, supermarket and hospital design. Of course, home plan designer, too.

    It is guaranteed to be the best and easiest floor plan software for anyone.

    Get Started! You Will Love This Easy-To-Use Diagram Software

    EdrawMax is an advanced all-in-one diagramming tool for creating professional flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, network diagrams, UML diagrams, floor plans, electrical diagrams, science illustrations, and more. Just try it, you will love it!