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New Year's Resolutions Brainstorming Diagram

> Edraw Example > New Year's Resolutions Brainstorming Diagram
Posted by James Freeman | 01/07/2021
A brainstorming diagram sample is provided for users to get more ideas in brainstorming diagram designs. It can be downloaded in vector format and used as a template for fast brainstorming diagram designs.

New Year Brainstorming Examples

It is sometimes easier to modify an existing diagram than to draw a new one. You can save many hours to create great new year resolutions by starting from this existing template and using abundant built-in symbols in Edraw. Download and modify this template for your own use.

New Year Brainstorming Template

Download New Year Brainstorming Templates in PDF Format

Download New Year Brainstorming Templates in Editable Format

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Brainstorming Diagram Example - New Year Resolution

1. Travel
1.1 Southeast Asia
1.1.1 Thailand Bangkok Puket
1.1.2 Malaysia
1.1.3 Singapore
1.2 North Europe
1.2.1 Iceland
1.2.2 Norway
1.2.3 Sweden
2. Work
2.1 Explore New Customers
2.1.1 Emailing
2.1.2 Exhibition
2.1.3 Website Building
2.2 Increase Turnover
2.2.1 Reduce Cost
2.2.2 Explore New Markets
3. Study
3.1 Reading
3.1.1 Novel Pride and Prejudice Wuthering Heights The Notebook
3.1.2 Marketing Rules for Revolutionaries
3.2 Cooking
3.2.1 Italian Food Lasagna Pasta Primavera
3.2.2 Thai Food Tom Yum Goong Pad Thai Som Tum
4. Exercise
4.1 Go to Gym
4.1.1 Yoga
4.1.2 Aerobics
4.2 Outdoor Activities
4.2.1 Jogging
4.2.2 Swimming
4.2.3 Hiking

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