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Network Diagramming Solution

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/21/2021
This paper discusses how IT professionals can readily document, design, discover, and diagnose networks using Edraw technology designed specifically for network managers.


This paper discusses how IT professionals can readily document, design, discover, and diagnose networks using Edraw technology designed specifically for network managers. It will show how the Edraw network diagramming solution can help network professionals.

Network Examples and Network Symbols

The Network Documentation Dilemma

Ask any IT or network professional about the quality of their network documentation, and you are likely to hear these responses: (1) We've got hand drawings, spreadsheets and text files, but they don't reflect the same data. (2) We can't share information with other departments. (3) We're using CAD. Implementation was a nightmare, and we got a low return for our investment. (4) We have no written documentation; we just don't have time.
Every network manager recognizes the importance of accurate network documentation. Applications running on the network may enable mission-critical tasks. Internal and external communications require a robust, well-maintained network. Corporations need deep knowledge about their networks to remain agile in the face of new technologies and changing business objectives.
Yet few network managers have time to document their systems. Instead, these professionals are continually managing crises like downed servers, or struggling to implement a new technology. Even as documentation lags behind network changes by as much as six months, documenting networks is rarely made a top priority.
Adding to the challenge, documenting a network can be tedious work. When done with pen and pencil or in basic drawing software, creating network diagrams can be time-consuming and difficult. The resulting drawings cannot be updated easily, and they quickly grow obsolete. Because they need to document networks and update existing documentation quickly, network managers need tools with high capabilities, but low learning curves.

The Need for Simple, Effective Network Diagramming Tools

Network professionals need to gather vital information and have it instantly on hand for troubleshooting, maintaining, and reporting on networks. They need detailed visuals to help identify tradeoffs and ensure that proposed systems meet key requirements. The need for accurate information about network assets is more intense than ever, and yet many network design and documentation tools are either highly limited drawing tools or overly complex, costly high-end systems.

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Network professionals need tools that are designed especially for network diagramming tools that are easy to use, yet sophisticated enough to keep up with the demands of today's global, complex environments. These individuals include:

  • Network solution providers and system integrators who plan and implement IT structures
  • IT/IS managers who document networks for effective troubleshooting, planning, and disaster recovery
  • Network engineers who manage daily operations and communicate network designs to others
  • Windows network administrators who administer network directories
  • Pre- and post-sales network service providers and networking services firms
  • Help desk staff who need to know the location and details of each piece of equipment

Visualizing a network can enable professionals to develop better solutions to complex issues like network architecture. Information professionals who design, develop, sell, document, or maintain networks and directory structures need to create conceptual, logical, and physical views of their systems. They want to build robust, efficient IT systems that demonstrate a clear return on invest.

The Network Diagramming Solution

Based on the Edraw, Edraw Network Diagram provides a common graphics technology for network diagramming across departments and disciplines, helping IT professionals transform raw data into visual understanding. Using the Edraw solution, network professionals can:

  • Illustrator the network devices and data.
  • Quickly assemble network diagrams using intelligent, data-driven shapes.
  • Create accurate, up-to-date network documentation.
  • Provide hyperlink to build the relation in Assets.
  • Use pre-defined network shapes to build networks.
  • Accurately track assets and costs.
  • Diagram directory hierarchies to produce migration scenarios.

Edit Text

Very many pre-defined shapes have multiple text boxes. You can click the text region to edit every one. You can use the "Text Block Tool" to change their position, too.

Insert Edraw file into Microsoft Office File

Open Microsoft Word file.
Insert > Object
Select "Create from File" tab.
Click Browse button and select the Edraw file. (file has edx extension)

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