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Multiple Page Documents

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/20/2021
For some drawing projects, you might want to create a single drawing file that contains many drawing pages. For example, a drawing file could represent a construction project and have the overall floor plan on one drawing page, interior elevations on another page, and details for walls and doors on a third page.

About the Drawing Page

The drawing page is the white page you see on the screen. For many drawing types, your drawing page is set to the same size and orientation as your printer paper. You can resize the drawing page to a specific size you want.

Add Page

New drawing files open with only one page, but you can add as many pages as you want. You can use multiple pages in a drawing file to:

  1. Keep related drawings in the same file.
    For example, for an office expansion project, you can keep office layouts in one file and drawings of the distribution of office equipment in another.
  2. Keep all revisions of a single drawing in one file on successive pages to show how a project has progressed.
  3. Present a series of drawings in full-screen view and navigate between them, as in a slide show.
  4. Link pages together.
    For example, you can use hyperlinks to go from a workflow diagram shape to a detailed procedure on another page.
  5. Place items that you want to display on every page on backgrounds.
    For example, you can place a company logo on a background so that it appears on every page in your drawing.

Add a New Page

In the lower-left of the drawing window, click the Add Page button Add page buttonto add new pages. There is also another way to add a new page as follows.

In the lower-left of the drawing window, right click a page label, and then click Add Page.

Add page options

To change the scale or size of the new page, right click the blank region in the new page.

Duplicate Page

1. In the lower-left of the drawing window, right click a page label.
2. On the popup menu, click Duplicate Page to duplicate the whole page or Duplicate Page Background to duplicate the background.

Reorder Pages

To reorder pages, right-click a page label and click Reorder Pages.

If you have used the default page names, such as Page-1, when you reorder the pages, Edraw renumbers the page names to reflect the new order when you check the Update the page name automatically.

Add Page Number

1. Click Page Layout tab on the ribbon.
2. Click Page Number drop down button Page number button.
3. Click Page Number Style, Page Number Position to set the page number.
Page number options

Change the Drawing Page or Printer Paper Size

In Edraw, the drawing page size and printer paper size are set separately. You can set a drawing page size that is the same as, larger than, smaller than, or has a different orientation from the printer paper.

Change the Drawing Page Size

1. Switch to the page you want to resize.
2. Press F6 key to open the Page Setup dialog.
3. In page Layout group, click the Page Size button Page size button, and under Page size, click the preset paper size you want.
page size
Change Page Size in Page Layout Tab
4. You can also set the customize size for the page.

Change the Printer Paper Size

1. Click File menu.
2. Click Print.
3. Choose the paper size on right panel.


Click More Print Setup… to open the Print Setup dialog, the print paper preview shows that how your drawing fits on the printer paper. If your drawing page size is larger than your printer paper size, your drawing is printed, or tiled, across multiple pages. To make a drawing fit on smaller printer paper, click the Print Setup tab and under Fit to, type 1 into both boxes.

Page Preview

You can preview each page quickly to get an overview of your document.
On the bottom left corner of your drawing page, click the triangle shape that points to the right . You can also click another preview buttonPreview page button at the bottom right corner of the screen . The previews of all pages show at the corner.

Preview page

Page Margin

Users can set page margin according to their needs.

1. Go to File menu, click Options, and choose Grid.
2. On the bottom of the Grid menu, you can set the horizontal page margin and vertical page margin by clicking the triangle buttons or entering a number.

Page margin

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