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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/07/2021
Spelling check function of MindMaster helps you diagnose spelling mistakes and offer suggestions for correct spellings.

Spelling Check


  • Go to Advanced tab and click Spelling Check button.
  • Spelling Check Button MindMaster

  • If there is mistake in your file, the Spelling Check dialogue will show up. It will show all suggestion spellings for you to choose.
  • Choose one of the suggestions and click Accept, or Ignore if the word is not wrong.
  • Spelling Check MindMaster

  • Once you click the Accept or Ignore, it will jump to the next spelling mistake, and so on until there is no mistakes.
  • For the word which is correct but not in the dictionary, you can click Add to dictionary, so that it won’t be treated as wrong word next time.


Up to 5 languages can be checked in MindMaster including English (for GB and for USA versions), German, French, Italian, and Spanish. You can change a dictionary before Start.

Spelling Language Mindmap

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