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How to Reset Distance between Topics in Mind Map - MindMaster Software

> Edraw Tip > How to Reset Distance between Topics in Mind Map - MindMaster Software
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
Sometimes you may need to make your mind map a compact one to gain better visual effect. Read this page to learn how to change the distance between topics to optimize your map.

The distance between topics is defaulted both horizontally and vertically. The unit of the distance is millimeter and the default value is 30 in horizontal and vertical direction.

To adjust the default distance value, you can:

  1. On Home tab, click the up arrows and down arrows to increase or decrease the number.
  2. Reset Distance between Topics

  3. Press Enter to set your adjustment to your map.
  4. Or print in the number you need in the blanks directly and press Enter.

See the contrast between the default and customized distance:

The contrast between default and customized distance.


  1. The maximum value is horizontal 100 and vertical 100, and the minimum is horizontal 20 and vertical 12.
  2. To change the distance between topics of a certain part in the map, select the certain topic first and then follow the steps above.

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