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Top 5 Reasons for Choosing MindMaster 6.1

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
MindMaster is a professional and easy-to-use software for creating various style mind mapping for your business and daily assignments.

This article will show you the top 5 reasons for choosing the brand new MindMaster, which is a very good alternative for those expensive mind mapping diagram software. It is a must-have assistant for your education, business and daily life. Enjoy the design and features for your innovation with your friends and family right now.

mindmaster interface

Download this excellent mind mapping software and view lots of built-in mind mapping templates:

Stunning Theme and Style

Users can add main topics, sub-topics or floating topics, relationships, callouts, boundaries, attachments, links, notes, tags and comments for your mind maps in MindMaster. You can also move, delete, copy or paste any topics freely.

insert your topics in mindmaster 6.0

MindMaster has a wide range of pre-set theme , layout and connector options for your work. Simply go to Theme to pick your favourite one. You can also customize the text font and theme colors for the mind map.

theme of mindmaster

The Rainbow framework is also a new feature for you to choose from Single Color, Symmetrical style, Rainbow and the Alternate style. The hand-drawn function is a good alternative for you if you get tired of vertical lines. For security issues you can customize your own watermarks.

mindmaster rainbow style

Rich HD Marks and Cliparts

MindMaster has a consider amount of available pre-set HD marks including progress signals, faces, arrows, flags, and colorful mini symbols. You can also explore various image categories from business to education in the MindMaster Clipart section.

marks and clipart of mindmaster

Efficient SlideShow Function

Enjoy creating your presentation slides via MindMaster by just a few steps. Simply go to Slideshow so you can see features such as Slide Preview, Auto Create, Play Slides and Add Slide. Feel free to change the name for each of your slide pages, or auto-create all of your slides in seconds. The Play Slides function lets you display the work in full screen. Once finished you can further preview or print your final work.

edit slides in mindmaster 6.0

Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts

MindMaster includes many shortcuts for you to quick go through your mind maps. Hence you can edit details, navigate elements or formatting effectively before deadline. The shortcuts shown below are just part of the overall shortcuts.

Advanced Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart View is an effective tool for monitoring data and program process. This feature helps a lot for project management tasks. For each of your task, you can set start and end date, milestone, progress and priority.

gantt charts mindmaster 6.0

Other Features

For your assignment draft, you can select the night mode for your user interface, check spelling errors, find or replace keywords you are looking for, save your map in MindMaster personal or team cloud, print or export in format including PDF, PS etc. It is also easy for you to register or deactivate the software.

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