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How to Apply Rainbow and Hand-drawn Style into Mind Map - MindMaster Software

> Edraw Tip > How to Apply Rainbow and Hand-drawn Style into Mind Map - MindMaster Software
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
To make your mind map diversified and unique, read this page to learn how to apply Rainbow and Hand-drawn style into your mind map in MindMaster software.

Apply Rainbow Style

You can use Rainbow Style to change the distribution of current theme colors. You can shift among 4 different rainbow modes in following steps:

  1. Select nothing then the Format task pane on the right of the canvas will appear. You can choose four different effects in Rainbow category.
  2. rainbow buttons group

  3. Click the first button Single Color from the left, then only the color of the central topic shape would be applied to the whole map.
  4. rainbow single color

  5. Click the second button Rainbow to show different colors of each branch which has rainbow effect.
  6. Rainbow of rainbow style

  7. Click the third button Symmetrical so taht colors can cover all main topic branches in bilateral symmetry.
  8. rainbow-symmertrical

  9. Click the last button Alternate to show two colors covering each branch alternately.
  10. rainbow-alternate

Apply Hand-drawn Effect

The default effect of a map generated by MindMaster is the Normal style. A hand-drawn style turns the default lines and shape borders into natural wavy lines, making the map become relaxing and animated as your personal expression.

  1. Click this buttonPin button on the top corner of the Page Style section to open eask pane so that you can choose among two effects for your map:
  2. Effect
  3. The default effect is Normal style. Click the Hand-drawn button Hnad-drawn styleon the right , so the whole page style will change into a hand-drawn style.
  4. Contrast between normal and hand-drawn style
  5. If you want to turn back to the Normal style, click the Normal button Normal effect on the left.

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