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How to Insert a Mark into a Mind Map - MindMaster Software

> Edraw Tip > How to Insert a Mark into a Mind Map - MindMaster Software
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
Marks are used to avoid monotony of words and displaying focal points prominently. You can add marks from the pre-defined mark groups or create your own mark group.

Insert a Mark into the Topic


  • Select a topic to be marked.
  • Insert Mark Button MindMaster
  • Open Marks pane by pressing F9 or clicking button on the Home tab, or clicking the Mark icon from the right sidebar.
  • Click an icon to assign to your topics.

Insert Mark MindMaster

  • Click more icons from different groups if you need.

Change Views of Mark Pane

There are two views of mark pane. 1) with text version; 2) no text version

Default view for marks is no text version. If you intend to change to with text view, you can click the button next to it.

    Mark View MindMaster

Add a New Mark Group

You can add your own mark groups for specific purposes.

  1. On the top of the Mark pane, click Custom Mark Group buttonCustom Mark Group Button.
  2. Click Add group and rename it.
  • Tick Mutex if the content of this group are mutually exclusive.
  • Click Add Icons to insert marks from local disk to your group.
  • Click Delete Icon at any time if you want to remove it from the group.
  • Manage Mark Group MindMaster

Hide Unused Marks

Click buttonHiding Icon of sidebar in the right to hide unused marks and concentrate on used marks.


  • Marks within each group can be mutually exclusive (only one mark from this group can be added on a topic) or not (multiple marks from this group can be added on a topic).
  •  After a mark is added to a topic, click it to change another mark from the same group.

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