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How to Insert a Clipart into a Mind Map - MindMaster Software

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
Cliparts are intuitive and distinctive for a mind map. MindMaster offers large libraries of cliparts to decorate maps and emphasize the focus topics.

Insert a clipart

(Ctrl + Shift + I)

  • Click Insert Clipart on Home tab, or click the Clipart icon on the right sidebar.
  • Insert Clipart Button MindMaster

  • Select clipart.
  • Click library icon to choose clipart from categories.

Choose Clipart from Libraries MindMaster

  • Enter keywords in the Search Bar to search from clipart library.
  • Double click on a clipart to add it to a selected topic, or drag and drop a clipart to any topic of your map or blank area of the canvas.


By default, cliparts will be added to the left of the topic text. You can drag the selected clipart from libraries to change its position.

Move Clipart MindMaster

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