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How to View a Mind Map in MindMaster

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Posted by Daniel Belisario | 01/08/2021
It is convenient and quick to view a mind map in MindMaster. You can drill, zoom, display on selected parts, or set your own page width.


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Outline View

Open Outline View

The Outline view allows you to view the map using the text outline format. Topics are listed linearly from top to bottom, so you can read and navigate through the topics easily.

1. Click Outline button on the View tab, or click the Outline button on the right sidebar.

outline review options

2. The outline panel will appear at the right sidebar. 

3. To close the outline panel, simply click Outline button again, or click Hide Panel display icon.

outline structure

1. You can collapse the subtopics by clicking the collapse button.

hide your structure

2. You can still double-click to edit text in the outline mode.

edit outline title

Export Outline

The outline can be exported to PDF, Word, Excel or PPT files. Simply click the associated buttons on the top right corner.
outline export options

Collapse and Expand Branches

You can collapse and expand branches of individual topics interactively using the  expand topics  and  hid topics  icons that appear on the right of each topic that has child topics or branches.

collapse or expand topics

You can collapse all subtopics (leaving only the center topic and main topics) by pressing Ctrl + F3.

Display the Map by Levels

You can choose how many levels of your map you want to display.

1. On View tab, click Display Level button.

2. Choose the Levels you want to display.

display levels

Drill Topics or Stop Drilling

When presenting a mind map, you can use the Drill operation to focus on only one topic and it enables viewers to see the topic only without being distracted by the rest of the map.

Drill Topics


1. Select the topic or branch you need to focus on.

2. Go to the View tab and click Drill button, or right-click and choose Drill option.

 drill your diagram     view drill by right click

Stop Drilling

1. After drilling a certain topic, you will see this icon drill icon on the top right corner of the topic shape, click it and the whole map will show up.

2. Or right-click the topic to open the context menu, and then click Stop Drilling.

stop drilling

Focus on Selected Topics

This function makes a selected topic or branch located in the center of the screen, so you can focus on it.

1. Select a topic.

2. Click Focus On button on the View tab.

focus on your diagram


(Ctrl + +/-) (Ctrl + Mouse Scroll)
The zoom function allows you to enlarge or shrink your map.  There are 3 ways to zoom in and out of your map.

1. On the View tab, click Zoom button and choose a zoom percentage.

zoom your diagram

2. On the Status Bar, drag the Zoom slider.

move status bar

3. Press Ctrl+ + for Zooming in. Press Ctrl+ - for Zooming out.

4. Press Ctrl key while scrolling the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

Whole Page

(Ctrl + F5)
The Whole Page means the whole map fits into the drawing canvas. Options are:

1. Click Whole Page button in the View tab.

2. Click the Whole Page button on the status bar.

status bar

view your whole page

Page Width

Page Width means the width of the map matches the width of the canvas. Options are:

1. Click Page Width button on the View tab.

2. Click Page Width button on the status bar.

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