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How to Save a Mind Map in MindMaster

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Posted by Daniel Belisario | 01/08/2021
You can save a mind map to a folder on your hard disk drive, a network location, disk, CD, the desktop, or other storage locations. Saving files is very easy in MindMaster.

Save a Mind Map

(Ctrl + S, Ctrl + Shift + S)
You can save your mind map using Save or Save As commands.
1. Go to the File menu, click Save or Save As.
2. Enter a name and choose a location to save your file.  Location can be the local disk, personal cloud, or team cloud.
save as your files

Find and Recover an Auto Saved File

MindMaster creates auto-saved temp file for users in case they did not save the files due to unexpected computer shutdown or software crash. Users can set how long time for each auto save. The default setting is every 10 minutes.

Set Auto-Save Time Period

1. Go to File tab, click Options and then click General.

2. From the Save auto recover option, input a time period.

setting auto-save time

Find Auto Saved File

1. Go to Advanced tab, click File Recovery button.

2. From the file recovery list find your auto saved files.

file recovery function

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