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How to Add Topics in MindMaster

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/07/2021
It is very easy to add topics in MindMaster. Check this article for how to insert main, sub, multiple and floating topics in the software.

Add Main Topics


You can add main topics by 4 ways. 

1. Press Enter key on the keyboard to quickly add a main topic.

2. Click Floating Button button on the central shape.

floating topics

3. Click Insert Button on the Home tab.

how to insert topics

4. Use Multiple Topics Button.


Under Insert button there are 3 options:

  • Insert Topic (Enter): Insert a topic after a selected topic.
  • Insert Topic Before (Shift + Enter): Insert a topic before a selected topic.
  • Insert Parent Topic (Shift + Insert): Insert a parent topic for a selected topic.

Add Subtopics

(Insert; Ctrl+Enter)

There are 4 ways to add subtopics.

  • Select a topic. Press Insert key or Ctrl + Enter key on the keyboard to add subtopic.
  • Select a topic. Click floating button button icon to add subtopic.
  • Select a topic. Click Insert Subtopic Button on the Home tab to add subtopic.
  • Use Multiple Topics button.

Insert Floating Topics


A Floating Topic is a standalone topic which does not have any connection with the body map structure.
To add a floating button, you can:

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+F on the keyboard, then put the mouse pointer on any location you want to add floating topic.
  • Click Floating Topic button on the Home tab.

 add floating topic

Insert Multiple Topics


If you want to add multiple topics together all at once, use Add Multiple Topics.
1. Click Multiple Topics button on the Home tab or press Ctrl+Shift+M on the keyboard.
2. From the pop-up dialogue, type topic text then press Enter for each new topic.
3. Click OK.

insert multiple topics

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