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How to Change Slideshow View and Display Slides in Mind Map - MindMaster Software

> Edraw Tip > How to Change Slideshow View and Display Slides in Mind Map - MindMaster Software
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
For multiple purposes, you may need to present your mind map in different views for some certain effects, and the full screen view is used the most often.Read this page to learn how to present a mindmap in different views in MindMaster software.

Full Screen View

The Full Screen view switches your map from normal Map View to a full screen mode which maximums your map space and hides all menus and toolbars.

To enter the full map view, options are:

  • Click the Full Screen button on Slideshow tab.
  • Full screen view
  • Press Ctrl + F5 on the keyboard.

Traverse View

In traverse view, you can choose to traverse topics and traverse branches.

To traverse topics, options are:

  • Click the Traverse Topics button on Slideshow tab.
  • Click the corresponding icon in the bottom tool bar at the right corner to view your document in full screen mode.
  • Enter full screen view from the bottom bar

To traverse branches, you can:

  • Click the Traverse Branches button on Slideshow tab.

Display a Slide Show

A mind map presentation is a dynamic slideshow that you create from a mind map. Each slide shows a detail of the map, such as a branch or an individual topic. At the beginning, the end, and at key points during the presentation, you can zoom out so the whole map can be displayed for the audience.

To display a silde show created from a mind map, do the following:

Click Play Slides button Play slide show.on Slideshow tab or on Slide Preview panel to start a slide show from current slide.


Your slides will be dynamic in slide show mode: move the cursor to the lower part of the canvas, a tool bar covering seven buttons will appear.

Buttons of disolaying o slideshow

Click the following buttons to achieve corresponding effect:

  • Play slides automaticallyPlay slides automatically.
  • Slideshow - previous opageThe previous page.
  • The next pageThe next page.
  • Zoom inZoom in.
  • Zoom outZoom out.
  • Fit in viewFit in view.
  • Close the slide showClose the slide show.

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