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What Can Elementary School Students Benefit from Mind Maps

> Edraw Knowledge > What Can Elementary School Students Benefit from Mind Maps
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
Feel free to check out this article for the detailed benefits from mind maps to elementary school students. Find out more related educational mind mapping resources and templates at the bottom of the page.

Mind mapping is quite helpful and informative not only for business management but also for different kinds of educational purposes. Currently, the uses of mind maps have been popular in many worldwide academic institutions and elementary schools from the EU to some Asian countries. Let us check out the most important key benefits from mind maps for elementary school students.

Benefits of Mind Maps to Elementary School Students

Generally, elementary school students can benefit from mind maps in a wide range of ways, for example, from some free mind mapping software, or during offline classes. Young students can be guided by their teachers to do some interesting activities so as to practice both creative thinking and logical thinking for new ideas and concepts. In more particular, elementary school students can strengthen their skills in the following aspects:

Planning and Sorting Ideas

Mind maps can help young students to organize the huge amount of mixed information into a series of clear mind maps. Therefore, elementary school students can improve organizing skills according to the straightforward visual pattern of different categories of knowledge, for instance, a summary of mathematical formulas. Mind maps are also perfect for recording ideas during classes in order to finish homework productively.

benefits from mind maps to elementary school students

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Communicating and Expressing Concepts

Mind Maps are great for communication assessments. Teachers can encourage elementary school students to express their ideas about a subject based on a single mind map, for example, summary the important English grammar points or tell stories. Young generations in such cases would be more likely to participate the discussions they love to fully understand a key concept and its nuances. Furthermore, young students can share their own work with fellows by using the online sharing feature.

Learning and Analyzing

It has been proved by researchers that young students who use mind maps can learn about six-times faster than those students who just read text-only materials. Good visually presented mind maps offer great engagements for elementary school students to develop logical thinking skills. More importantly, young students have the freedom to explore new topics by themselves when connecting different branches in mind maps.

Creative Thinking

The creation process of mind mapping would bring elementary school students enjoyable experience. It is motivating and interesting for young students to generate their own creative juices by switching between various diagram theme, setting different background colors, choosing different structure layout types, or even selecting and placing their favorite mind map clip art and symbols.


Mind mapping is a good technique for young students to work as a team, or during the process of brainstorming. Students would also feel delightful to share their work with friends in quick and easy digital formats for group discussion. Therefore, it is a good chance for elementary school students to gain valuable feedback from they mates and learn how to study from others.


All in all, mind maps brings many benefits to elementary school schools both for left and right-hand side brain. Childhood is the very beginning stage to form essential skills for future academic studies and professional work purposes, and that is what mind maps can do in terms of improving communication skills, creative thinking, analyzing skills and teamwork. Furthermore, it is even easier for young students to fully comprehend knowledge with the development of innovative mind mapping software.

More Mind Map Examples

The following are built-in mind map examples designed on a vector basis from Edraw mind map software. This software also covers mind map examples in other fields such as business and daily life.

mind map of wedding plan Mind map of future plan Mind map of career plan
Mind map of wedding plan Mind map of future plan Mind map of career plan
Mind Map of growing plants Mind map of business Mind map of marketing strategy
Mind Map of growing plants Mind map for business Mind map of marketing strategy

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