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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
A mind map can be made into slides like a PowerPoint. Read this page to learn how to create slides from a mind map in MindMaster software.

In Slideshow tab, you can create or manage a set of slides for a map. Each slide can be shown as branch or sub-branch of your map, expanded or collapsed as you desire. This can help focus attention on a specific part of your map for printing.

Create a New Slide Deck

If you want to create a new slide deck, please do the following:

  1. Select the target topic and click Add Slide On the Slideshow tab, the Slide Preview Panel will appear.
  2. On the Slide Preview Panel, click the button Add a new slide deck to create a New Slide Deck.
  3. Create a new slide deck
  4. A pop-up window will show to remind you to the name new slide deck.
  5. Name a new slide deck
  6. Type the name of your New Slide Deck and click OK.

Slide Preview

On Slideshow tab, click the Slide Preview icon and the Slide Preview panel will appear on the left of the canvas. This is where you can create or manage your slides. Branches with associated slides are marked as a special icon A slide icon.

  1. On Slideshow tab, click Slide Preview button.
  2. A Slide Preview panel will appear on the left of the canvas.
  3. Slide preview


The several buttons that shown below the green cross function almost the same as buttons on the Slideshow tab.

Create Slides from Topics

Right-click a topic on the map, and then click Create Slide from Selected Topic on the context menu.

Create slide from selected topic

Add Slide Page

Once you have created a slide from topics, you can add your preferred slides to the slide deck.

  1. Select your preferred the topic to put on a slide page.
  2. Click the Add Page button Add slide pageon Slideshow tab, or the first button on the left of the Slide Preview panel.

Create Slides from Topics Automatically

If you don't want to create slide pages one by one, you can create a slide automatically at one click.

  1. Put the pointer anywhere on the interface.
  2. Click Auto Create button Create slides from topics automatically.
  3. You can see thumbnails of the auto-create slide on the Slide Preview panel.

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