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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
You can create resources who are allocated to complete certain tasks. In MindMaster, resources is treated as a special tag group, so you can create and manage resources in the Tag Manager panel.

Create/Delete resources

(Ctrl + G)

You can first create all resource members in the Resource group.

  • Select a topic.
  • Click Insert Tag button from Home tab to open Tag Manager Panel or right-click the topic to click Insert Tag.
  • Resources From Tag Manager MindMaster.

  • You can see the Resources group already in the Tag Manager panel as a default tag group.
  • Click to select the Resource group (if there is no other tag group, this resource group will be selected automatically).
  • From the text box on the right, type resources names. Click enter to type more names.
  • Insert Resources Item MindMaster.

  • Click Add, and then click OK to finish adding resources.
  • The created resources will appear in the Insert Tag drop-down menu, the Mark Panel and the Resource bar of the Task Panel.
  • To remove resources from the Resource group, go to Tag Manager panel, select a resource, then click the Delete button.
  • Resources List MindMaster.

Add/Delete Resource to a Topic

When resources are created, it is easy to add them to topics.

  • Select a topic you want to add resource.
  • There are 3 places you can choose a resource (please refer to the last section). 
  1. Insert Tag drop-down menu.
  2. Mark Panel.
  3. Task Panel, Resource bar.
  • Select a resource from one of the places above. When a resource is added to a topic, it will be marked with a blue background color or a tick.
  • To remove resources from a topic, simply uncheck the names.

Delete Tag Mindmap.

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