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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/08/2021
As mind maps are always concise, details could not be put into the main body. Notes can solve the problems of inadequate information. You can add notes in the format of texts, pictures and calendars to enrich your mind maps.

Add Notes

(Ctrl + T)

  • Select targeting topics or sub topics.
  • Click Insert Note on the Home tab, or Right-click the topic and select Insert Note option.
  • Insert Note Button MindMaster

  • From the pop-up Note window, type in your note.
  • Click Picture icon to add pictures.

Insert Picture Note MindMaster

  • Click Calendar icon to insert date into the note.
  • Calendar Notes MindMaster

  • Edit text formats with text formatting options on the toolbar.
  • To check your notes, hover the cursor over the Note icon.

Calendar Notes MindMaster

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