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How to Use Mind Maps to Improve Business

> Mind Map How-Tos > How to Use Mind Maps to Improve Business
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 11/07/2020
Apply mind maps to improve business by promoting business innovation, enhancing business presentation, plan, collaboration, consolidation, communication, project management and problem solving and so on.

Mind maps can be used to improve business from many perspectives. By integrating mind maps and the easy Edraw mind map tool into your business, you can greatly streamline your workflow, save time and energy and thus increase productivity. Continue reading to find out how...

1. Ideation and Creativity

Rather than listing out ideas, a mind map can unleash creativity as you are not forced to create an ordered list which can not show the relationship. A mind map allows your creative juice flow naturally without limitation. Edraw MindMaster allows you to add shapes automatically, use different colors and even images rather than words to boost visual thinking. It can help you brainstorm, capture and clarify ideas in your business events, such as develop business goals, draft market plans and improve customer service. All these features help you think more creatively.

You can download the free version of mind map tool by clicking here.

2. Presentation

Present something unique and influential in an attention-drawing way. Mind maps empower you to brainstorm ideas and action plans and present them clearly. By using key words and images, mind maps encourage more concise, comprehensible and thought-provoking presentation. The logical and visualized structure of a mind map is proven to ease recall of information. It also enables you to handle tough situations confidently as you have got ideas in mind. Edraw mind map tool offers a refreshing alternative to PowerPoint presentation, offering you a highly visual and effective way of conveying your message. You can attach files, web pages and MS documents within Edraw mind map, making a truly multimedia presentation, all easily manipulated within your mind map.
Presentation with Mind Map

3. Business Plan

Plan your agenda, meetings, goals and so on in a brand new way with mind map. It is more efficient and a lot easier. Edraw allows you to divide topics and plans into different branches, automatically adding sub-topics as child branches. What is more, the connections between related tasks are generated automatically. Compare all missions and figure out priority accordingly. It can cover all aspects of your plan in a single map, form objectives and agendas, to resources and locations. You can always stay organized and have everything under control.

Marketing Plan with Mind Map

Note: click on the picture to download this mind map as a template.

4. Problem Solving

A mind map can help you analyze and solve a problem in various methods. You can apply 5W1H (who, what, when, where, why, how) method or step by step method. In a mind map, you can illustrate each factor or step clearly with many branches. The process acts as a trigger device for your creativity and encourages your brain to probe into ideas which usually lie in obscurity at the edge of your thinking. A detailed probe into the problem in many aspects can help you find out a better solution. If you often feel that your brain is blank or feel like you want to hit your head against a brick wall for solution, why not try mind map. Click here for more details about how to ease problem solving in mind map.

Problem Solving

5. Collaboration

Mind map can also energize your business in terms of collaboration or team work. Large company, in particular, requires good collaboration among staff. A mind map enables you to harness the input of all members from one department and then output it to other departments in a dynamic and creative way. Edraw mind map allows to insert comment or attachments to the relevant branches or the whole mind map which can be explored further. The added information can also be viewed easily for later discussion.

6. Project Management

To improve your business to a higher level, you need to manage your time, personnel, data and other resources. You can do this to gain higher productivity with Edraw's top-notch project management system. It facilitates project management in many ways, such as scope projects, assign tasks, set deadlines, milestones and prioritize task. Further more, you can export your mind map as Gantt chart at 1 click. So easy. Just use mind map to manage your project and no one will be left unfinished or behind schedule.

Mind Map for Project Management

7. Better Communication

Whatever you want to communicate, a mind map is an ideal alternative for standard outlines. A mind map can illustrate a topic in many sub-topics logically and visualize the less-obvious relationships between key points. This is hard to achieve by standard outlines. Besides, Edraw mind map can add pictures to the shape, which can help readers get the point instantly.

In a word, mind maps can benefit us in business in many ways. We can rely on mind maps to boost ideation and creativity, promote communication and collaboration, upgrade presentation and project management and enhance business planning and presentation.

Free Download Popular Mind Map Templates Online

Choose from a large variety of mind map templates for business, education, and life tips. Download any of the templates for your use.