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Mind Map Type 3 Basic Effective Usage

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/07/2021
As mind maps are widely used in both personal life and working life, it is crucial for everyone to know the basic mind map type to choose the appropriate one. Basically, mind map has 3 categories according to the objective of using: library mind maps, presentation mind maps and tunnel timeline mind maps. We will elaborate on them in the following article.

Mind Maps are mainly used in the early stage of a project or program to analysis the subject or solve problems. According to different purposes, mind map types can be shown as the following:

  1. Library mind maps for information organizing
  2. Presentation mind maps for presenting ideas and projects
  3. Tunnel timeline mind maps for organizing or making a project plan

Mind Map Type 1: Library Mind Maps

Library mind maps can also be called reference maps. This type of mind maps are for organizing information, so that you can have a clear and visual understanding of the subject without missing anything out. The purpose of library mind maps is to sort and organize the collected information for a better understanding of the subject.

When creating a library mind map, first step is to put all the information together and organize it in a map tree. The map will show how each information linked to each other and how they can serve the main idea.

This type of mind map is for organizing information about a specific topic in a visual way, here are some examples:

Personal Profile Mind Map

Personal Profile Mind Map type

MBA Course Mind Map

MBA Course Mind Map type

Mind Map Type 2: Presentation Mind Maps

This type of mind map is for presenting the process of an idea to the audience. Presentation mind maps illustrate the way that the project goes in order to track the steps. Therefore the focus of a presentation mind map is the audience instead of the topic. How the information should be positioned in the map depends on whether the audience can understand it or not. If the audience can follow with the way you are presenting, then the map has good framework. Thus, you presentation can be well accepted by the audience.

This type of mind map can be used for explaining an activity or a training session. Here are the examples:

Sunday Activities Mind Map

Sunday Activities Mind Map type

Enterprise Training Mind Map

Enterprise Training Mind Map type

Mind Map Type 3: Tunnel Timeline Mind Maps

This type of mind maps are also simplified as planning mind maps, and are for project strategy, program plan, or problem solving. Tunnel timeline mind maps are designed to achieve a goal. The purpose of this type of mind maps is to visualize success. The center(main topic) of the mind map is the outcome that you pursuit, and each sub-topic represents a path to achieve that outcome. You can follow the map to make progress towards the success.

This type of mind maps can be used for planning project strategies or solving problems. Here are the examples:

Marketing Plan Mind Map

Marketing Plan Mind Map type

Marketing Strategy Mind Map

Marketing Strategy Mind Map type

Problem Solving Mind Map

Problem Solving Mind Map type

Mind maps are very powerful tool to analysis ideas, build project plans and solve problems. The 3 types of mind maps mentioned above can cover almost all the mind map types. Knowing the features and purposes of each type can help you achieve the outcome required with mind maps.

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