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Mind Map for Project Management

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/07/2021
Apply mind map in project management, you can do more than you ever thought possible. Edraw mind map gives you everything you need to do everything you want with your project management.

Let's take project timeline for example. With project timeline as the Main Idea, the tasks of projects are Main Topics. The Sub Topic shapes of mind map can represent sub tasks.

Project Timeline Mind Map

How to Export Mind Map to Gantt Chart

Draw Framework of Project Timeline Mind Map

The tasks can be divided into main tasks and current tasks. For better management, each task's duration can be shown by filling it in the shape.

Add Dynamic Progress Symbol

To display each sub task's progress, use the powerful yet simple smart symbols. Drag and drop. And you are done.

  • Click Symbols button on the Library panel docked to the left of the drawing page.
  • Drag Dynamic Progress symbol into the sub task shape.
  • Release the mouse when the sub task shape turns into an orange box.
  • Show Project Progress

    The Dynamic Progress symbol is designed with a collection of functions. Through the floating menu, you can control each sub task's status and completion rate. Hit the symbol to show the floating button. Move the cursor towards it to show the floating menu. It includes the following options:

    Floating Menu

    (1). Set Progress

    You can enter the completion rate from 0% to 100% using this function. The symbol's blue section represents the completion portion.

    Set Progress

    (2). 0%

    This means that the sub task hasn't started yet. Choosing this option turns the symbol into white color.

    (3). 25%

    This changes a quarter of the symbol into blue color, showing a quarter of the task has been accomplished.

    (4). 50%

    If a sub task has completed by a half, click this choice.

    (5). 75%

    75% is finished and 25% of the task is left.

    (6). 100%

    This is used to show completed task, converting the symbol into blue color with a tick in it.

    Completed Status

    (7). Cancel

    If a task is not necessary any more, apply Cancel feature. The symbol will automatically adds a white cross inside to display this status.

    With this interactive approach, isn't it easy and amazing to manage your project in a visualized way? Regularly review the timeline as you go through the project. You can even add background to it and turn it into entertaining slideshows.

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