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Reasons for Mapping Work Process

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/21/2021
Process map is a picture of the work process. It visually displays the steps in a process for a clearer understanding of how the work flows. If your organization is under one of these circumstances, you might need a work process map to help you out.

Mapping Value Chain

1. The organization you work in is going fine, but no one has an integrated concept of the whole work process except for some simple procedure of the daily activity related to their working roles. Therefore, staff desire to have a work process map.

2. You need to conduct a training activity to newly joined employee or employee transferred from another department. If there is no existing work process map, this can be a good opportunity for you to create one which will be definitely a big help to conduct an effective training.

3. The organization you are in is facing some troubles, such as turnover decrease, recruitment difficulties, cost increase... and doesn't know how to turnaround. In this situation, your organization urgently needs a work process map to have a clear outline of the whole process and find out which part needs improving, so that you can shoot the arrow at the target.

4. You want to draw up a strategic plan for the new year. Before you start, you need to have all the related information at your fingertips. Such as the market trend, the competition structure, the general environment, and all the factors that will influence your future development.

5. Mapping work process can be a demand outside of your organization. Such as, your customer wants the workflow chart from their supplier, or the documents of a specific activity.

6. To have a better understanding of the supply chain of your organization, and to keep a good relationship with the senior suppliers or customers, you need to have a clear outline by using work process map.

7. Mapping work process can be also used for mergers. When two organizations merge, their culture and workflow need to mix together and fit to each other.

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