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Posted by Allison Lynch | 07/09/2021

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All-purpose management infographics solutions that allow you to explain your management concepts at a glance. Various management infographics examples save both time and energy to make job done easily.

The management infographics solutions are a full-featured set of visualization tools and document exchange technologies offered by Edraw. It aims to make job easier for management professionals to create attractive and stylish infographics.

It offers various ready-to-use infographics examples to help users get started as fast as possible. Libraries containing vector pre-made shapes help users at any level to gain diagrams, charts and maps instantly.

Edraw supports to draw over 200 kinds of charts and graphs within 1 single program. Use this tool to create infographics sooner than any other application.

Project Management Solution 1 - Gantt Chart Software

Gantt Chart Maker

Edraw Gantt Chart Software is an easy to use project management and business diagramming program used by a variety of companies. Through Edraw Gantt template, users can easily create great-looking Gantt charts and project schedules in minutes. Through Gantt data import wizard, you can directly import a data file, then Edraw will generate a Gantt chart automatically for you. This feature gives the easiest way for creating a Gantt Chart, which greatly saves your time and energy.
Download Gantt Chart Software
Video Tutorial - How to Create a Gantt Chart

Project Management Solution 2 - WBS Software

WBS Maker

The management solutions provide an approach to visually and graphically create, edit and modify work breakdown structure diagram. With Edraw smart tools, you can customize and design your drawing with free templates. A Work Breakdown Structure could be done in just minutes. Then you output the diagram to different formats like PDF and other graphic formats.

HR Management Solution - Org Chart Creator

Organizational Chart Creator

HR manager can absolutely be more relaxed in his daily job aided by this tool. All employees' information will be in their hands, in one single graph. Contrarily, employees can also contact with co-workers and leaders more easily. Availability of such information will facilitate collaboration and thus improve efficiency.

Design Elements

Gantt Chart Shapes

Gantt Chart Symbols

Basic Organizational Chart Shapes

Basic Organizational Chart Symbols

Status Shapes

Status Table Symbols

Management Infographics Examples

Gantt Chart Example

This Gantt chart example is prepared for you to view and study.
10 Best Gantt Chart Practices

Or Chart Example

A simple but useful chief org chart template created by Edraw is readily available. Use it to facilitate your own designs.
How to Create an Organizational Chart

WBS Example

For the good of novice users, we provide a ready-made WBS template. Thus, users of any level can create professional-looking diagrams.
Comprehensive WBS Tutorials

Choose a Right Chart Type for Making Better Presentation

Chart Maker

Download Awesome Infographic Maker!

Download this awesome infographic maker now and take advantage of all the 10000+ elements, and even more! We will keep updating more elements that users need.