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Management and Planning Tools

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Posted by James Freeman | 08/09/2021
Create management and planning tools for business within 1 single software package. Included are various templates for management and planning tools.

This page offers some visualized tools for management and planning. Visualization can ease management and planning because it presents information in a clear and understandable way.

EdrawMax has included advanced diagramming tools, allowing users to create various management and planning tools in a single tool.

There are 7 commonly used management and planning tools, including: (1) Affinity Diagram (KJ Method), (2) Interrelationship Diagram (ID), (3) Tree Diagram, (4) Prioritization Matrix. (5) Matrix Diagram, (6) Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC), (7) Activity Network Diagram. See some examples below.


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Management and Planning Tool - Affinity Diagram

Japanese anthropologist Kawakita Jiro originally developed the affinity diagram in 1960s. Sp it is also known as the K-J Method or the affinity chart. The affinity diagram is widely used to sort and categorize large amounts of data by finding relationships between ideas for process improvement.

See an example of affinity diagram below.

Affinity Diagram Template

Management and Planning Tool - Interrelationship Diagram

Interrelations diagrams are used to show all the relationships between factors, areas, processes or different parts of a whole. They are worthwhile because they help readers to see and understand the factors in a situation which are the ones that are driving many of the other symptoms or factors.

Interrelationship Diagram Template

How to make an interrelationship diagram

Interrelationship diagram examples

Management and Planning Tool - Tree Diagram

This tool helps to break down broad categories into finer and finer levels of detail. Tree diagram can serve as an outlining tool, organizing the structure of different levels. It can map levels of details of tasks that are required to accomplish a goal or solution or task. Creating a tree diagram directs concentration from generalities to specifics.

Tree Diagram Template

See more tree diagram examples

Management and Planning Tool - Matrix Diagram

Matrix diagrams are suitable for listing information to facilitate resources assignment. With matrix diagrams, actions and measures can be carried out correctly and effectively.

Blank Matrix Diagram Template

Blank Matrix Diagram Template

Involvement Matrix Diagram Example

Involvement Matrix Diagram Example

The above matrix diagram example is characterized by markers of different shapes and colors. Such matrix diagram can distinguish different information clearly.

The Most Popular Project Management Tools

Video Tutorial - How to Create an HOQ

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