Manage Diagrams

Diagram management in Edraw is simple, easy and efficient. Check out how to do it from the article we have compiled below.

Open a Diagram

Opening a Diagram is super easy.

  • Click on Open on the File tab. A dialogue box pops up.
  • Locate the file you want to open and click its icon.
  • Press Open button on the bottom of the dialogue box.
  • View/edit your diagram on the drawing canvas.
  • Context Diagram Example

    Another way to open a diagram is to locate it and then double click its icon.

    Rename a Diagram

  • Use Save as... command under File to rename your diagram.
  • Type in the new name.
  • Hit Save.
  • Alternatively, right click on the diagram icon; -> scroll down to choose Rename; -> type in the new name.

    Delete a Diagram

  • Click on the diagram icon.
  • Press Delete key.
  • You'll be prompted with a confirmation dialog. Click on Yes to confirm your operation. If you mistakenly delete a diagram, retrieve it in the recycle bin. You can also right click the document icon and use Delete option to delete a document.

    Save a Diagram as Other Formats

  • Click Save as... command under File.
  • Locate the place you want to save the diagram.
  • Type in a new name if necessary.
  • Choose a desired format from the drop down menu.
  • Press Save.
  • Many formats are available to meet users' need to integrate with other programs as shown in the following picture.

    Available Formats

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    Benefits of Edraw P&ID

    Feature Overview - Auto Save

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