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Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram Effortlessly

> Edraw How-To > Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram Effortlessly
Posted by Janice | 02/27/2021
Find the ideal tool to make the perfect emergency evacuation diagram effortlessly. The solution is automatic diagramming software - Edraw. It helps users to finish an emergency evacuation diagram in less than 10 minutes through drag and drop functionality.

Evacuation Diagram of Exhibition Hall

Introduction to Emergency Evacuation Diagram

A clear and organized emergency evacuation diagram can greatly reduce the possibility of causality in emergency. By designing and presenting such diagrams to people involved, it helps to let people stay calm and make quick and proper response. Use Edraw, an amazing tool to generate an effective emergency evacuation diagram. Here are the simple steps to do it.

Steps to Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • Measure your house and record the size. Memorize the location of fire extinguisher, emergency phone, exit and fire horse in particular.
  • Start Edraw and point to New and then choose Floor Plans category.
  • Double click the icon of Fire and Emergency Plan.
  • Evacation Diagram

  • The relevant stencil opens along with a blank drawing page. The stencil includes 3 useful libraries: Dimensioning; Wall, Shell and Structure and Fire and Emergency. The blank canvas has grid lines by default enabling accurate drawings.
  • Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • Drag necessary shapes onto the blank page. Select and drag them to move their position. Drag their green selection handles to resize them according to the plotting scale. If the shape has yellow control handle, you can also drag it to adjust the shape more conveniently. For example, you can enlarge a shape by dragging one of the selection handles outwards and vice versa.
  • Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • Some shapes in Wall, Shell and Structure group have dynamic scale. It will change automatically when the shape is resized. That way you can save a lot of time without measuring shapes again and again. The wall shapes can be connected through connection points. When you are moving two wall shapes together, the connection points turn red showing they have been connected.
  • Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • If you want to glue several shapes as one shape, you can use Group function. It is in the Arrange column on Home tab. After some shapes are grouped, they can be moved as a whole.
  • Make Emergency Evacuation Diagram

  • Double click the shape to add label or description when necessary. To add text outsides the shape, press Ctrl + 2; drag the mouse to draw a text box and then start typing.
  • Here is another complete fire and emergency plan example created by Edraw.

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