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Easy Ways to Make Your Diagrams Look Amazing

> Edraw Tip > Easy Ways to Make Your Diagrams Look Amazing
Posted by James Freeman | 04/20/2021
Improve your diagram to a higher level with some easy and simple methods to make it look awesome.

To make diagrams stand out from the crowd, learn some simple tweaks.

Apply Color Theme

Colors add charm to your diagrams. But if used improperly, chances are it will make your diagram look cluttered and distracting. You may be struggling to find out what colors match well. Maybe you don't know the differences between flat colors and rainbow colors. No worries. Edraw has simplified this matter for you with some preset themes.

preset themes

Follow the Standards

For some types of diagrams, there are specific standards. For technical diagram like UML diagrams, ER diagrams people usually follow standards. For example, the electrical drawings tend to use standard symbols. So does flowchart. So keep the standards in mind if you want to make amazing diagrams.

Layout Diagrams in the Suitable Way

The layout of a diagram will not only affect its appearance but also its readability and acceptability. First and foremost, ensure it is neat and organized. Then find out the most suitable way to make it look better. In Edraw, you can solve this problem easily especially for mind map and org chart. Re-layout can be done automatically.

Mind Map Layout

arrangement direction of mind map

Orgnizational Chart Layout

Relayout Organizational Chart

Add Legends/Description

The purpose of designing diagrams is to simplified information conveyance and interpretation. If a diagram is complicated, legends or description should be added to aid viewers.

Think in the Shoes of Readers

If the diagrams are to be presented to others, then think in the shoes of those readers. Make it simple, readable and useful for them. To be more specific, make the diagram more understandable so that less time will be needed to interpret it. For example, use various colors to distinguish different departments in an organizational chart. Add numberings to a flowchart to make the sequence more obvious. Highlight the important slice in a pie chart by exploding it. There are many more simple things like this in most diagram types which can be used to guide users. Please share your tips with us.

Some Awesome Diagram Templates

Mind Map
Personality Mind Map SEO Steps Flowchart Logistics Network Diagram
Wedding Cost Column Chart Problem Solving Circular Sports Marketing Venn Chart

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