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Interesting Diagrams Showing One's Love Life

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
The following diagrams vividly depict the process of common people's love life, from strangers to lovers and finally go to marriage.

Find your love - Mind Map

Finding the right person, a person you love and want to spend your life with, is the greatest accomplishment one can achieve. When people feel lonely, they are likely to look for someone who can fill the inner emptiness and give the love they are seeking. How to find the right one? What should we do while waiting? This mind map sums up some useful tips for the singles.

Right One Mind Map Template

Tutorial: How to Create Mind Map

A Romantic Relationship - Love Timeline

Being in a relationship is an important step in our life. It's full of sweetness, heart beating, and touching moments, while sometimes might also have quarrels and tears. When all of these become past memories, it's necessary to write them down and keep it in your love timeline as an eternal souvenir.

Love Timeline Template

Tutorial: How to Create Timeline

Video - Create a Timeline

From Strangers to a Couple - Flowchart

What things you need to consider before entering marriage? What factors might lead to a break up? From this flowchart below, we can see that it does take a great effort for two becomes a married couple.

Get Married Flowchart

Tutorial: How to Create Flowchart

Video - Auto Connection Features in Flowchart

Wedding Plan - Mind Map

Many people can give you useful wedding plan tips, but few of them provide you with efficient wedding plan tool. Usually you write all the information on a paper and use a pen to check which are done. Here is a greater way to do the checking - use a mind map.

Wedding Plan Mind Map Template

Tutorial: How to Create Mind Map

Mind Map Video Introduction

How to Make Your Marriage Successful - Basic Diagram

Most couples enter to marriage expecting to succeed. However, with divorce rates rising nowadays, more and more people choose to separate when their relationship falls in trouble. What contributes to success in marriage? There are some important factors influencing a couple's chance of success.

Marriage Tips Template

Tutorial: How to Create Presentation

Love Graphics

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