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Logical Network Diagram

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/27/2021

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Creating logical network diagram with free templates and examples. Logical network diagram has never been easier.

Logical Network Diagram

Logical network diagrams are used to illustrate the logical structure of computer and telecommunication networks. A logical network diagram shows how network components relate and communicate with each other. Edraw logical network diagrams enable you to visualize the network architecture of a group of interconnected computers and other devices, such as printers, modems, switches, routers, and even mobile devices.

Learn complete network diagram guide to get more details.

Logical Network Diagram Software

Logical Network Diagram Maker

Edraw provides an easy way of creating a logical network diagram. Simply open the template and add the pre-drawn logical network symbols to your page. There are some nice looking pre-defined themes for you to choose, or you can customize your own drawing style. It's designed with a group of smart editing tools for resizing, rotating, grouping, order, align and distribute, which greatly simplify the drawing process. You can export you diagram to PDF and other graphic formats, or print with a single click.
Download Logical Network Diagram

Logical Network Diagram Symbols

Edraw network software includes many network symbols, router general, router, ATM router, wireless router, ATM switch, ISDN switch, workgroup switch, small hub, 100BaseT hub, CDDI-FDDI concentrator, Ethernet router, WAN, host, DSU-CSU, etc.

Logical Network Diagram Symbols

Logical Network Examples

A logical network template has been made for users in vector format, depicting the logical relation between computer components visually. Try it to assist your own designs.

Internet Network Examples

An internet network template is available in vector format, which is understandable at a glance. Use it to fresh for your own designs.

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