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Professional Linux TQM Diagram Software - Make Your Business Excellent

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 04/22/2021
Are you looking for a TQM diagram software for Linux which is equipped with must-have features and can scale from small businesses to middle to large? Check out Edraw.

Total Quality Management (TQM) is a comprehensive and structured approach to long-term success that views continuous improvement in all aspects of an organization as a process and not as a short-term goal. It aims to improve the quality of products and services through ongoing refinements in response to continuous feedback.

Introduction of Powerful Linux TQM Diagram Software

Edraw Linux TQM diagram software is an easy-to-use and user-friendly program which simplifies the diagram creating process by offering pre-made shapes and templates for users to drag-and-drop.

TQM Software for Linux

System Requirements

Compatible with the most popular Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Incomparable Features of TQM Diagram Software for Linux

1. A full-suite tool which is capable of creating audit diagram, PEST chart, EPC, Value Chain and so on, not just TQM diagram.
2. Users can get a quick start by dragging, dropping and editing pre-drawn TQM diagram shapes and templates.
3. A set of drawing tool is provided for users who want to create their own shapes.
4. Data insertion not only makes diagrams tidy but also enriches their contents.
5. Real-time collaboration and common file formats export support enable users to share their diagrams with clicks.

Free Download TQM Software to Create Awesome TQM on Linux Easily:

Editable TQM Diagram Shapes

This user-friendly TQM diagram software for Linux provides a mass of TQM diagram shapes for users to drag, drop and edit. Just like below picture shows. Users can choose built-in shapes to create their TQM diagrams or create their own shapes with embedded drawing tool as they wish.

TQM Shapes

Guide on Creating TQM Diagram on Linux

This guide will offer you several simple steps for creating TQM on Linux quickly.

Step 1. Run Edraw, go to File menu > New > Business Diagram and then double click the icon of TQM to open a blank drawing page.

Open A TQM Drawing Page

Step 2. Drag and drop TQM diagram shapes on the drawing page, edit them if necessary and add texts.

Drag TQM Shape

Step 3. Click Connectors under Home page and choose proper connectors to connect shapes.

Connect TQM Shapes

Step 4. Navigate to Page Layout and change the theme from built-in themes if you are not satisfied with the current one.

Change TQM Theme

Step 5. Go back to File menu and click Save or Export & Send to save or export the diagram based on your own situation.

Save or Export TQM Diagram

Benefits of Total Quality Management

TQM is a method to achieve productivity and progress efficiency by identifying and eliminating problems. Following are 5 major benefits will explain why so many employers take it to run their business.

  1. Emphasize The Needs of Market
  2. Its application is universal and helps the organization to identify and meet the needs the market in a better way.

  3. Reduce Cost
  4. TQM can reduce the costs greatly throughout an organization when it is applied consistently overtime, especially in the areas of rework, field service and warranty cost reduction.

  5. Accelerate Productivity
  6. Productivity means the ability to produce out of given inputs maximum possible output of desired quality. And cost effectiveness paves the way for high productivity naturally.

  7. Encourage Customer Satisfaction
  8. By predicting mistakes and problems in work processes, TQM aims to provide quality service to meet customer expectations.

  9. Motivate Employee
  10. TQM focuses on building a culture where all staff feel comfortable in identifying failings and suggesting opportunities, which will motivate employees definitely.

TQM Diagram Examples

Here list three TQM diagram examples created by our Linux TQM diagram software. These three examples are the most commonly used ones. Welcome to download if you think they are suitable for you and replace the contents with your own information.

Software TQM Diagram
Business TQM Diagram
Organization TQM Diagram
Software TQM Diagram
Business TQM Diagram
Organization TQM Diagram

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